Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Greatest Gavins gaining ground

I took advantage of COMC's free shipping promotion over the Black Friday weekend to grab some new cards. Mostly I worked on prepping my Nate Colbert supercollection (post to follow), but also tossed a few Gavins into my cart too.

To catch you up with my first Greatest Gavins post, my name is Gavin. It's a relatively uncommon name, and only a handful of professional athletes share it. I thought it'd be a fun mini-collection idea for me to amass a bunch of different Gavin cards.

And so, here are some more all-time Greatest Gavins.

2013 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP92. My 2nd Cecchini card. The other one I got is a minor league card, so it's nice to get a card of him in a major league uni. 

2013 Bowman #211 Gavin Escobar RC. My first Escobar card. A fellow Aztec, his collegiate uniform has sadly been 'shopped into a generic no-logos whitewash here. Guess Topps(Bowman) doesn't have that license? Oh well, still nice to have a card of this guy with the same first name as me who went to the same college as me.  

2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres #63. Now here's thee reigning Greatest Gavin, himself: Gavin Floyd! All other Gavins give a head-nod of approval. Had to score his one true "XRC" card to really feel like a legit Gavin F. collector. Now to truly experience Floyd, I need to take a few of his cards to a laser light show in a planetarium. (sorry, had to force a Pink Floyd joke.)

2008 Upper Deck MLS #93 Gavin Glinton. Ooh! That's right, britches! Branching out into soccer even! Sweet addition. I follow soccer zilch, but from his wiki, Glinton seems to have had a decent career that wrapped up in 2010.

1983-84 O-Pee-Chee #331 Stewart Gavin RC. And now our final inductee into The Greatest Gavins, Class of December 2013 is hockey veteran Stewart Gavin. While some purists out there might grumble that he doesn't belong among the Greatest Gavins since Gavin is his last name, I say hogwash! He's still a Gavin on a trading card, which is deserving of admiration. I welcome him with open arms. Plus I like getting more old hockey cards in my collection since I have so very few and I love checking out vintage (and thereabouts) card designs, regardless of sport.

There you go. Until next time, keep reaching for the stars, all you Gavins out there.

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  1. I've got the gold refractor parallel of that Gavin Cecchini #17/50 available for trade.

    Email me at quinniethetrumpetman (at) yahoo (dot) com if you're interested.