Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Rose Rainbow

A few weeks ago I got a hankerin' to own a genuine Pete Rose autograph. I've now got a Pete Rose primary color auto rainbow, thanks to one of Leaf's cheesy Rose sets from a while back. Missing logos, but hey, they're certified on-card autos! I like 'em! Here we go: blue, green, and red.

LOL, "Lumpy".

Safe! 4192!

That's a lot of bats! "HTT RiNC"? What could this cryptic message mean?!?! A betting tip? Is a horse named Hard To Tame running in the Rhode Island National Championship? If so, bet on it big!
Anyways. Yeah.. The Rose Rainbow! I'm not sure if he signed cards in this particular set with any other color ink, but if he did, please don't tell me, because then I'd have to fight the urge to track it/them down too!

I might be a little love/hate with Mr. Rose, but these cards put a smile on my face, for sure. Pete Rose for the Hall! 4192! Hit King!

In other news, notice the slight makeover to the blog? New template/background image. I balked on totally revamping the banner, but at least I took a new picture of my little "card display mantle nook" since the pic in the original banner was quite out of date at this point.

Here's the old one that, I believe, had been the banner since day one of this blog back in June 2013..

If I was still on a contest kick, I'd do something like "spot all the differences!" or "who can identify the most cards!".. but not this time.

Did I already do a proper "year end" spiel? Well, 2013 was a good year for me. I got engaged to a heck of a gal back in April. We got our new pup Annie back in January (the sweetest Rottweiler/German Shepard mix you could ever hope to meet). And it was a fun year in regards to card collecting, chiefly due to my exciting entry into the world of blogging.. Met some great people and made many new online friends. Not since the early 90s have I been able to really geek out over cards with anyone, so it's awesome to enter the bloggosphere and "hang out" with all you guys.

Looks like 2014 is off to a good start so far. I think I've already eclipsed the number of trades I did all last year! I hope to keep up a respectable trading pace throughout the year. If you're looking to add a trading partner, please consider yourself invited to check out my wantlist over at the sidebar and get in touch. I've been planning on doing more "trade bait" posts but haven't really gotten around to it yet. Soon!

Anyways, thanks for squeezing me into your blog-reading schedule! Stick with me for what I hope will be a fun-packed 2014.


  1. Great cards! I love the red auto with all the bats! I also like the changes to the blog! I got your package and will be posting about it soon! Thanks! I love the 1/1's!

  2. I'm very partial to the 2nd one! Congrats.

  3. Cool updates to the blog, Gav! It boggles my mind how Pete Rose has THAT many more hits than Tony Gwynn. Unreal.

    1. Thanks, Marcus. Yeah, Pete just kept going and going. I'm sure if Tony stayed healthy/in-shape he would have had a shot at cracking 4000, but it wasn't to be.

  4. Very nice rainbow. However, instead of "Hit Ring," I think that's "Hit King." I have a pack or two of that Pete Rose Legacy that someone sent me, but I just can't bring myself to open it. Very well done and here's to a great 2014.

    1. Thanks a lot. And, ha yes, I was just being joking about the sloppy inscription. ;)