Monday, June 30, 2014

Last "June membership drive" push!

My goal of 100 subscribers to the blog by the end of June is hanging in the balance at 94 with mere hours left to go.

Busting out the big, tantalizing guns, if we make it, the following 2 cards will each find themselves in additional lots in the big contest prize pool:

Certified autos of a couple big names, Don Drysdale and Bob Gibson.

If we don't make it to 100 by the time the calendar flips to July (PDT), well, I'll still throw in a bonus lot or 2 to the mix, but not these A-listers. So if you're not a subscriber, click that blue "Join this site" button on the right, or if you're already a subscriber, strong-arm your readers to subscribe at your behest!

Then check back in a day or two as I try to get all the contest entries sorted out and work our way to a big winner.

UPDATE 7/1/2014: So close! We got to 98 subscribers. Still very impressive. Thanks to everyone who helped out. The entry period of the contest is now over. There will be some bonus lots and there will be a "second chance" contest. I'm going back to work today after a few weeks off, so hang with me and give me a couple days to get everything sorted.


  1. Oops...didn't realize I was not a member. Up to 96 now.

  2. What the heck? I thought that I was one of the first people that started commenting on here! How have I not been a "follower"? Anyways, you've been on my blog's sidebar for a long time, but now your number is up to 97.