Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coming up Cutch

It's been a very lucky past two or three months for me for winning contests on the cardsphere. First I won a Cardboard Hogs contest by default. Then I won 2x3 Heroes blogoversary contest by figuring out his cryptic clues. More recently, I got into jaybarkerfan's Big Fun Game thanks to the randomizer (and then John Miller's similar game). Then I came in 2nd place in a Summer of '74 contest, but 1st place winner Tony L. graciously deferred his prize to me. And the other day I found out my suggestion was selected as the winner for Collecting Cutch's "name my new segment" contest. Nice! (I'll be balancing out the karma with a couple big contest of my own coming up shortly.)

Here's the grand prize from the Collecting Cutch contest, a great looking relic #'d 18/27. This is an awesome addition to my McCutchen PC. "Cutch 22" works on a couple levels, as it's a pun on "catch 22" and 22 is his jersey number.

Brian didn't just stop there, though, including a bunch of sweet bonus cards for me...

If you've ever checked out the Collecting Cutch blog, you know Brian's got an insane Andrew McCutchen collection. I collect him too, but on a much more modest level, and here's a nice lot for my PC. Cutch has been struggling the past couple years, apparently falling victim to the Samson complex, as it seems his mojo was in his dreads. But he's a good guy and I still collect him. Hopefully he can turn things around.

You don't see too many oddballs these days, thanks in large part to legal bullshit, so it was cool to be surprised with these police cards.

I like these motivational sayings on the back.. a step up from the old "Stay in school" and "Say no to drugs" you get on similar cards back in the day.

Love this sparkly Conforto RC!

Some more dudes I collect.

Xander in the house!

A few cards for the Mike Trout PC.

A couple reprint/ads of HOF RCs.

Ooh.. A Padre prospect auto. Michael Kelly is still in the San Diego organization, currently putting up solid numbers in AA.

And let's wrap things up with an auto of the Cobra himself, Dave Parker!

Awesome stuff! Thanks again, man!


  1. Parker is one of those players that I pretty much only have one thought of. I remember as a kid seeing a highlight, I believe from an All-Star game, where he threw out a guy at home from right field. I don't pay baseball much attention anymore, but seeing a highlight of an outfield arm like that is something I will never tire of.

  2. Go grab a lottery ticket. You're on fire!

  3. Glad you got the cards. Thanks again for the name suggestion.