Sunday, May 21, 2017

The summer Gwynn came blowing in

I was caught in a Tony Gwynnado from the latest grocery bag of cards from Padrographs Rod.

This big stack is all Gwynns.. and this is after I already pulled out all the junk wax and other cards I was sure I already had.

A couple months ago, I began the arduous task of attempting to sort all my Gwynns. I made solid progress, getting through the 80s and 90s, but then lost steam with the project before hitting the 00s and 2010s. But this lot has inspired me to get back at it (well, that and the fact I'm currently trying to fill up a Priority box of Padre cards for a guy.. an appreciative dumping ground for dupes). But yeah, I hope to get my Gwynns organized soon. He's easily my largest player collection. Not sure how many unique cards I've got of him, but definitely a few hundred.. maybe even scratching at a thousand.

I'm just gonna pick out a few highlights from this recent lot from Rod to showcase today.

Here's a '97 Pinnacle card with its Museum Collection parallel. Pretty cool.

Typical overproduced 1987 fare at first glance, but nope, these are the (relatively) rare fancy-pants versions, as I gently notated on the pennysleeves.

A trio of coated cards. I hope I have duplicates of these so I can enjoy the thrill of peeling them.

These three are real nice n' shiny in hand.

Retro designs. Love that "1982 Donruss The Rookies card that never was." The old patriotic Fleer design is a winner too (Is Tony doing that thing where you round the bases after a home run pretending you've got a parrot on your arm?!).

A couple Starting Lineup cards, which can sometimes be tough to track down. I've got the one on the right still sealed with the figure (thanks again, Wes), so it's nice to have another one to let breathe free.

Bunch 'o diecuts, aka funky-shaped cards.

That MVP card would have been a lot cooler if Bowman dug up a photo of Tony from 1981.

Some more Pacific and offshoots.

Here are a couple shiny Prism cards that look the same from the front. But then on the back...

...A couple promos, apparently. One's got "SAMPLE" over it, while the other is a blank-back. Kinda odd. I like it.

Big thanks again, Rod! Awesome bunch of additions to my Gwynn PC (and again, these were only a few highlights of the big stack).

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  1. That's a beautiful bunch of Gwynns! Also, I like the title (I see what you did there!)

    1. Thanks, Dennis! I should round up some Gwynn dupes for you. Lord knows I've got a ton.

  2. An awesome number of Gwynn adds. The 80s Tiffany I always find hard to tell...but then again not sure I have had one in hand. I always worry I won't be able to tell the difference and think it is a dupe.

    1. Yeah, they can definitely be sneaky. With the Topps Tiffany, the brighter backs are a giveaway (similar to Traded backs). The Fleer Glossy cards are trickier, as you've really gotta angle them in the light just right to see if they shine more than a regular fleer base card.

  3. I tried hard as heck...but never managed to pull any of those Pacific crown die-cuts back in the day.

    1. Sadly, I wasn't actively collecting during Pacific's heyday, but they carved out a nice little legacy of wackiness that's sorely lacking in the hobby today.

  4. Ok, one. How freakin' awesome is Pacific? It's the best.

    Two, I loved that Ultra Season Crown clearcut set. I actually have that card signed TTM by Gwynn.

  5. I love reading posts featuring Gwynn cardboard, but I hate it when Choo Say feels the need to comment on them.

  6. Love, love, love the Gwynn Pacific cards. Like you said, they are so whacky and weird that they have regained steam on eBay.