Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nice sampling of 2017 Heritage + Gypsy Queen (Gift from Rod)

My fellow Portland-dwelling Padres fan Padrographs Rod and I have a pretty sweet arrangement where I help him out with freelance photoshop work, and occasionally we meet up at the monthly card show and he dumps a glorious load of random cardboard on me. Today's post will feature "part 1" of the latest lot he handed off to me at April's card show, specifically the 2017 Heritage and Gypsy Queen. I still haven't ripped any 2017 product yet, so it's nice to be able to experience a pseudo-rip thanks to Rod's leftovers.

While I'm sure Rod takes some keepers for himself, there are still plenty of quality cards in there. For example, this beautiful Xander Bogaerts refractor #'d 563/568!

Dansby Swanson has been down around the Mendoza line so far this season, but he's still very highly-touted, so I was excited to "pull" this Game insert and refractor (again, /568) from the lot.

Nice bunch of All-Stars.

And some notable rookies.

Many other dudes I collect, too.

And plenty more available for trade, including 4 SPs, some inserts, and lots of base. Any of my trade buddies working on the set, feel free to hit me up for some help.

I'm going to piggyback some 2017 Gypsy Queen from Rod into this post. I mean, it's sorta close to Heritage.. and not quite worth its own post.

Some parallels. These 5 are all available for trade, I suppose. The "No Name" is Kyle Seager.

Here are some keepers for me, with a few dudes I collect and notable rookies.

And a few more available for trade. Again, just drop me an email if interested.

Big thanks, Rod!
More cards from this eclectic lot coming in future posts.

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  1. really nice cards from Rod! I love GQ this year, esp the green parallels.