Monday, July 9, 2018

A blaster of 2018 Stadium Club

Grocery shopping this past weekend, I took my customary check of the card area to see if there was anything to catch my eye. There usually isn't much, but this time there were 3 blasters of 2018 Stadium Club. Sure, why not.. I grabbed the one in the back (must be an old habit I picked up from buying the freshest milk in the case). Let's check 'er out.

Scored a few PC guys. I think Dimebox Nick ranked the Ichiro as his #1 card of the year so far. It's pretty majestic; happy to pull that one.

A few more nice photos. As for the design, I don't really care for the oversized position in the corner, and I'm disappointed that the "photo variation scourge" has now infected Stadium Club too. So now you gotta go back and check to make you you didn't pull a variation, which is kind of a pain. (I didn't pull a variation.)

I'm not collecting the set, so I've got some trade fodder for anyone who is.

I pulled a couple parallels, with a Corey Kluber sepia and a Dwight Gooden chrome.

Pointless inserts included a Bellinger (another PC guy for me) and a red parallel of Justin Upton. I believe insert parallels are a huge turn-off to collectors. Just ask Collecting Cutch. Chasing insert parallels causes you to die inside, that's just a fact.

Best card of the box was likely this Shonei Ohtani "Special Forces" insert. Seems like his collecting popularity has been a rollercoaster this year. He's back from the DL, but not pitching anymore for the time being. Guess we'll see if he can stay healthy and live up to the hype on the strength of his hitting alone. This is my 2nd card of him after pulling an insert of his from a Bowman Mega Box a few weeks back.

So there you have it. I always like to give at least a little sample of Stadium Club every year. I don't plan to buy anymore this year, but I could see myself picking up a discounted blaster at the card show at some point. Always a great looking product and fun break as long as you're not looking for a big hit.


  1. I am looking forward to chasing the Indians team set from this year's Stadium Club. Any chance the Kluber sepia card end up in the cards you sent my way?

  2. I was starting to think that I was the only one who wasn't too enamored with this year's design.

    1. The player name being in foil is another thing I don't like about it. Foil names is pretty much always a bad idea. Just makes it tougher to read. I'm glad there's no cloud/smoke at the bottom of the card like there was last year, though it would've made the name easier to read.

  3. First time seeing these cards, and while I'm not big on Stadium Club like others, I really don't care for the design of the cards. Oh well, glad I can skip it and maybe find some cheap down the road. I do like the photos, so they aren't bad by any means, just not my cup of tea.

  4. Insert parallels are pointless, and that goes doubly so for a brand like Stadium Club where nobody cares about the inserts anyway.

  5. I usually gravitate towards the blaster in the back because I figure it's the least likely to have been dropped on the floor a few times by the time I see it.

    I've picked up a couple of blasters so far and haven't done so well with the results. I do really like the design, but I don't like the thought of collecting another set. I've been in Purge Mode lately, so I might actually put the breaks on the foolish idea of collecting sets.

  6. SC has photo variations? Ugh. Not my cup of tea. Although if it involves zoomed out well cropped photos... I'm all for it.

  7. I still haven't seen these in hand yet but I agree the oversized position seems a bit out of place. That said I love the photos. I'm glad you mentioned the variations because I'm on board with it being a pain having to look for variations every time you open a pack of cards. Good post and good cards. Thanks.