Sunday, July 29, 2018

blasters of 2018 Ginter and Big League

My usual monthly rip schedule got a little moved around thanks to August's planned break, a couple boxes of 2018 Archives, not coming out till the middle of the month. So to tide me over, I treated myself to a couple blasters at the grocery store this afternoon.

I'm not crazy about Big League Baseball, but it looks ok from what I've seen on the blogs so far. As far as cards with a cheaper price point, I think it's a step up from Bunt and way more interesting than Opening Day. Worth the $9.99 to check it out.

And Allen and Ginter looks kinda cool this year, with some neat insert sets. So I grabbed one of those as well.

Let's start with Ginter. Pulled a bunch of PC additions.

I believe these are SPs, as their number is each over 300. Available for trade.

Mini inserts. Kinda cool, but I could be talked out of any of these if you're working on these sets.

And base minis. I collect the 2 Astros, but the rest are available for trade.

I would have liked to pull a Hottest Peppers mini (I'm a spicy food junkie), or a glow-in-the-dark mini (I'll have more about these in an upcoming post), but those might be hobby only.

Horizontal inserts.

Vertical inserts. Available for trade.

So there are the highlights from the A&G cards. Not great, but not horrible. Picked up several needs of guys I collect plus some trade bait, so it's all good.

Onto Big League. Here are some keeps for me of inserts and parallels. Not bad looking cards.

More PC hits for me here, with some old-timers and league leaders.

A few more keepers. I didn't seem to pull an SP or any hit, but oh well, I wasn't expecting to.

My one numbered pull was a shiny Brett Gardner /100, which is kinda cool but sadly not a guy I collect. These in the above pic are all up for trade.

I got Ohtani as my green "box bottom" card. I was looking for Trout, but all they had on the shelf was Shohei and Harper. It was a toss up between him and Bryce, but I ultimately went with the RC.

That's it. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. If you happened to pull a Willson Contreras from Big League could you add it to my pile? It's the last card I need for the base set!

    1. I did, my friend! It's yours. Will get this package out to you shortly.

  2. I would be interested in that blue border Yan Gomes and the Honus Wagner. What else is in that stack of trade bait of Big League.

    1. I think it's just base cards in the stack. I can pull out the Indians for you if you need them.

    2. Yes, I would be interested in the Indians cards if you have some.

  3. You can add that blue Ketel Marte to my stack if he hasn't been claimed yet. Loves me some Orbit. :D

  4. I actually had decent luck pulling tougher parallels out of Big League (even pulled a gold auto out of my box), but sadly not a single one was of a guy I collect. I've had horrible luck pulling parallels of dudes I collect throughout my collecting life. (Also if that A&G Darvish insert is available, I can definitely use it! I'm way overdue in sending you some cards besides.)

  5. A&G Turner would be welcome in my collection.

  6. I would be interested in the Honus Wagner Big League and if you pulled any McCutchens

  7. My favorite thing about these Big League cards are the inclusion of box bottoms. That Ohtani is awesome!

  8. TOPPS FAIL. The Ginter Moons should also glow in the dark.