Monday, July 2, 2018

a pair of COMC autos

Got my latest COMC order in today.. always a banner day for any collector!

I think it was my biggest order ever, with 100 cards on the nose. I feel like a dummy for not knowing sooner about the $5 future credit per 100 cards shipped in a month. My patience usually runs out at about 60-80 cards before I pull the trigger on a shipment, but I'll have to remember hold out for a hundred when I can.

I got myself a couple autos this time around, with Ozzie Albies being the priciest card in the package. Kind of an impulse buy, as he's not really a guy I collect as of yet, but seems like an exciting young player to watch, and I wanted to snag a nice card of his for my collection. (And the pickup was partially because I once pulled an Inception auto of his a couple years back that I ended up trading to Bubba, and I didn't want to regret that deal too much if/when he becomes a perennial all-star, so this was essentially replacing the auto I pulled.) This one is from 2016 Bowman's Best. Love the giant, on-card auto, even if perhaps the Sharpie was starting to run dry.

I also wanted to score a hit of T.J. Leaf, a kid from my hometown.. as far as I know, the only guy from El Cajon to ever play in the NBA. This 2017-18 Panini Court Kings Fresh Paint auto called to me with a nice on-card signature and a /200 serial number on the back.

So just a short post for today, but I'll have most posts from this haul soon, including lots of set needs (emphasis on 1957), some fun glowing cards, an attractive harem of girlie cards, and other neat miscellany.


  1. He is indeed the only player from El Cajon to make the NBA...although there may be others, that just weren't born there. (His birthplace is listed as Israel). No NBA players have graduated from Granite Hills...or my local high school either.

  2. Nice autos, that Albies is fantastic and the Leaf is colorful. I was as impatient as you, and my orders have been getting much smaller lately. But that 100-card credit is worth it. It helps to fill your cart with 28cent ePack transfers - especially if you're a hockey card collector.

    Can't wait to see what else you got in your COMC haul!

  3. The TJ Leaf auto is a nice looking card. The canvas appearance really works well with the design they used.

  4. I remember writing that blog post after our trade and not really knowing who Albies was. All I knew was that he was one of the higher tier prospects the Braves had at the time. Needless to say, I'm beyond happy that I don't feel as much of an urge to go pick one up since I already have one. So thank you!!!