Prize Pool

Oh hey, I think I'm gonna get this page updated soon and use it for more contests/giveaways.... Stay tuned!

Updated 12/26/2018.

These are prizes currently on the table for contest winners.

Prize A - Mike Schmidt lot

Prize B - Willie McCovey lot (note the 80 and 73 cards aren't in great shape. and the 74 is a reprint)

Prize C - 5-card oddball lot

Prize D - Jorge Soler auto/relic

Prize E - Sandlot lot (the last two there are customs)

Prize F - Bo Jackson lot

Prize G - 2002 Topps Archives Reserve 8-card lot

Prize H - Panini auto 3-card lot

Prize I - pair of Orioles autos

Prize J - lot of 4 Bowman autos

Prize K - lot of 5 Upper Deck Inscriptions college football autos

Prize L - lot of 4 football autos

Prize M - lot of 3 baseball autos

Prize N - lot of 6 Bowman football autos

Prize O - yet more football autos

Prize P - 6-card lot of Press Pass football autos

Prize Q - 6-card lot of shiny Topps Fire parallels (Claimed by Brett Alan)

Prize R - 4-card vintage lot

Prize S - Priority Mailing full of hundreds of various baseball cards. Nothing great, but still.

Prize T (Texas T) - a Texas Rangers heavy lot.

Prize U - Luis Tiant 2003 Topps Retired auto {Claimed by Chris the Collector}

Prize V - "Neglected Hall of Famers" custom set

Prize W - a pair of 2018 Tribute Dodgers. Jansen and Sutton.

Prize X - these various 5 baseball cards

Prize Y - Priority Mailing full of various football cards (NFL and college).

Lot Z - Tom Brunansky and Daryl Boston Topps Retired autos.

That's all for now.