Saturday, November 9, 2019

card show corrosion

Thanks to everyone who's given me condolences for the loss of my pooch. I appreciate it. The cardsphere is a great bunch of folks.

I was on the fence about going to the monthly card show today, and it went down to the wire, but after breakfast, I decided to throw on some real pants head out. It turned out to be a light day for me as far as my wallet was concerned, as I think I only spent $11. But I brought home a bunch of cheap cards I can use.

Most of my time was spent at a nickelbox that featured a 25-for-$1 deal, and ended up with 125 cards for $5 (working out to 4¢ each).

I'd snag any certified auto for 4 cents, but with Heath Bell being a notable Padre.. slapped that down on my stack ASAP. And the McGriff tickles me as it's a rare example of a player spitting on his card.

Probably my favorite pickup of the day was this 1970 Kellogg's Richie Allen. Not perfect condition, but at just 4 cents, hell yeah.

Some more 4-cent cards.

I also bought a few 50¢ cards...

This shiny Manon Rheaume was a National exclusive from 1993.

Good stuff.

Bo #/1000. Griffey and Mantle #/150, though the Moments & Milestones set barely counts for serial numbered cards.

And some Ted Williams cards that are also kinda numbered.

Numbers on the bottom, though it doesn't say out of how many.

And that's about it. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Big glow-in-the-dark cards post and a tribute to Annie

I've been kicking this around for over a year now, but my big glow-in-the-dark cards post is finally finished. I ended up making it a "page" instead of a "post" just so that it'll be easier for me to keep it updated. I intend to update it as needed with new info. I know it might not be as interesting to everybody as it is to me, but I love glow in the dark cards!

Please check it out...
(Sorry to make you make an extra click, but I think it'll be worth it. Lots of fun stuff there.)

My sweet pooch Annie Lou got real sick real fast and we had to put her down on yesterday. Probably the hardest day of my life. My wife and I don't have kids, but Annie was the closest we had, with the 3 of us being a tight family unit. We're just devastated to suddenly lose her at only 7 years old, but Annie packed a lot of happy wiggles into that time, so we need to focus on the happy times. She was the sweetest girl in the world. I only saw her being the slightest bit aggressive ONCE and that was while protecting a smaller pup buddy of hers. She only wanted everybody to be happy, spreading smiles and smooches everywhere she went. Love her so much.

Anyways, Annie loved chasing the laser pointer, much like cats. And so with that same fascination of lights in the dark, I'd like to dedicate my big glow-in-the-dark cards page in Annie's memory.

Chances are I'll be posting less often for the next little while, though I'll try not to make it a full-on "hiatus". Thanks as always for reading.

List of glow-in-the-dark trading cards <-- here's the link again

And now for the Annie tribute..

tiny pup

early puppy pic contrasted with a grown pooch.

maybe the greatest photo I've ever taken.

just a couple of bros

How y'all doing?


At Christmastime she always took the ribbons like a champ and it was a favorite holiday tradition.

catching snowballs

Friday, November 1, 2019

untitled post for November 1st, 2019

I wanted an on-card Padres auto from Dave Winfield and ended up scoring this one. It's pretty cool.

Goose Gossage has a lot of similarities with Dave Winfield:

- Spent the lion's share of their careers with the Yankees.
- Put in some time quality in San Diego.
- Won a World Championship once.
- Bounced around with a few different teams near the end of their careers.
- Formidable facial hair.
- Hall of Famer

Goose here is my 50th 2003 Topps Retired auto. There are 70 left in the set for me to track down. Snatched this one up recently for a fair price. It's not a refractor, but still.

Tough times at Baseball Card Breakdown HQ as our official mascot and licensed card-sniffer Annie Lou is currently at the emergency vet and in rough shape. Please send her some good vibes.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Spooktacular

Here are some cards "dressed up for Halloween" (photoshopped to look weird).

- - ---o

Now it's time for a ghoulish pack skirmish.

2007 Topps Hollywood Zombies Trading Card Pack
1989 Topps GhostBusters II Trading Card Pack

Got these both in a recent combined-shipping eBay purchase. As for the Hollywood Zombies pack, the only interest I have is trying to hit a glow-in-the-dark card. And I've got 14 cards left to complete the Ghostbusters II set, so I'm hoping to pull at least one of those needs.

Heads-up, these Zombie cards are very gross. Proceed at your own risk.

A fine woman enjoying a glass of wine wins this round.

Here's a quick look at the backs. I thought it was fitting that this Hollywood Zombies card happens to have a Ghostbusters reference on the back.

Gotta go with sexy-times on the couch.

Wow, that "Drew Burymore" is disgusting. Gotta go with the boring logo card here.

The Lindsay seems to be a foil parallel. Sure, let's give a pity point for the shininess.

I'm not even gonna waste my time straining my eyes on that tiny text. The only Ghostbusters sticker I need at this point is #1, and sadly this is #3.

Ok, that George W. might be the absolute worst trading card of all time.

There is no winner here.

More Ghostbusters cards than Zombie cards. Hey, the gum looks ok.

*crunch crunch*

(I ate the gum. That might be the grossest part of the post to some of you!)

Final bone-chilling result?
I pulled zero glowing cards from the Zombies pack.
I pulled zero cards I needed from the Ghostbusters pack.

Well, that was a frightening waste of $3! Boo! All of these are available, so if you'd like to trade for any, please get in touch to take these off my hands. PLEASE! I don't care what you send me in return, just get these out of my house.

I figure it won't hurt to post my Ghostbusters 2 wantlist here:
Needs: 6, 28, 33, 34, 48, 52, 54, 68, 70, 72, 75, 76, 81, Sticker #1


World Series stuff!

Back in my World Series preview post, I totally forgot to include the Zack Greinke auto I've got. He nearly had himself a Game 7 to remember, but Houston took a chance on going to the bullpen instead of sticking with him out there. It didn't work out for them.

Congrats to my guy Stephen Strasburg on the Championship and being named World Series MVP! Proud times for SDSU alumni like myself.

OK, that's it for the Spooktacular. (I'm sorry I didn't finish my big "glow-in-the-dark cards" post in time [I had been planning on posting it today], but it'll be done one of these days.)
Happy Halloween!