Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Behold: Sandy Koufax autograph!

Here's a big name I had been wanting to score an autographed card of for a long time. A nice belated year-end bonus check from work helped make that dream come true for me.

Sandy Koufax 2015 Topps Tribute To The Victors die-cut auto /30

I believe this card comes from the "special edition" of 2015 Tribute, which was like the "re-do" after the product was originally recalled due to the autographs not staying on the cards very well because of the finish used. This acetate card seems like it'd be more at home in High Tek, but it's origins aren't all that important to me.. just that it's mine now! :)

A terrific card of a legendary all-time great and I love it!

I also got a somewhat-corresponding card I'm equally enamored with, but I'll save that one for tomorrow's post.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Stupendous Gavin Autographs

Always a thrill for me when I get an autograph of a brand new Gavin for my collection. Remarkably, I was recently able to add 3 such "autoGavs" in the span of about a week thanks to a couple eBay wins and a TTM success.

Check out Diamondback prospect Gavin Stupienski in the style of A&G! I even went the extra mile by grabbing a framed mini off COMC for a buck so I could repurpose the frame.

Neat story behind this TTM request, as fellow blogger Matt Stupienski is Gavin's cousin, and Matt kindly helped facilitate the success. If you've seen his blog Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits, you know Matt is a big Ginter nut, so that inspired me to go this route with my idea for the card.

At 66 days, it's now my longest-awaited successful return, but it wasn't because Gavin was lazy about it or anything. I originally sent it to Matt in our trade before Thanksgiving, with our thought being that the two cousins would possibly cross paths over the holidays, but it didn't end up shaking out that way, so eventually Matt mailed the card to Gavin, and then Gavin mailed it back.

Gavin S. also included a nice note. Super cool!

Big thanks for your time and generosity, Gavin! I'll be rooting for you to kick ass in 2017 and hopefully make your way up to Arizona before long!

And big thanks to Matt for the great assist!

-  - - ---o

Gavin Hinchliffe is a high school pitcher who's verbally committed to Virginia Tech, assuming he isn't drafted in a good position this coming June. Best of luck to you, Mr. Hinchliffe!
I got this Leaf Perfect Game stickergraph #'d /50 for a few bucks off eBay.

-  - - ---o

GRANT GAVIN 2016 autographed Futures Night Photo Kansas City Royals auto
This might look like a standard card, but it's actually 6"x 8", making it my first oversized Gavin. Grant Gavin had a terrific start to his pro career last year in Rookie League and looks to build on that in 2017. He doesn't seem to have any actual cards out yet, so I was excited when I saw this autographed team-issued stadium-giveaway pop up on eBay for a few bucks.

-  - - ---o

So those were three brand new Gavin autographs for my collection. But as long as I'm posting about Gavin autos, I'm going to go ahead and post some new Gavin Lux cards I've picked up lately.

Got the Gavin Lux base autos from 2016 Bowman Draft and Bowman's Best, plus a /50 insert from Best. I was able to land "full name" autos for the Best cards, though all the Bowman Draft autos apparently feature his abbreviated signature. While I've bid on a few parallels, they seem just a bit out of my desired price range, so I'll have to be content with these base autos for now, my first cards of him in a Dodgers uniform.

I did pony up for one rare Lux card, though...

Remember a few weeks ago I did that post on "Sign Here" cards? Well, I ended up winning the auction for that Gavin Lux card. Even though it doesn't actually feature his signature, it's a unique addition to highlight my Lux PC.

-  - - ---o

2011 USA Baseball Autograph #USAA45 Gavin Cecchini 18U National Team
Also just picked up a Gavin Cecchini USA auto from back when he was just a wee lad.

And so there you have a few nice additions to my Greatest Gavins minicollection.
See you next time!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dimebox Dynamite

Here's the 2nd half of my card show haul from this weekend. Found a pretty solid dimebox and dug out 120 cards.

Some 2016 Bowman prospects, Chrome rookies, and a Rizzo.

I know Alex Gordon had a down year last season, but was still a little surprised to find these for 10¢.

Those text-only cards from Cooperstown sure are ugly, but adding a new Clemente to my collection for a dime always sounds good to me.

There was a bunch of Griffey in there, mostly overproduced oddballs, and I caved to a few. In retrospect I should have left that card on the left since it's not in very good condition. And the '89 Bowman is bent a little, but that's '89 Bowman for you.

Nice selection of Mookies.. I think I needed a couple of these.

There was a little bit of vintage in the there, and I found some 78s of guys I collect.

Rickey. Grabbed an extra of the '82 LL for the Tim Raines collection.

I like these George Brett cards.

Love these Fleer Greats of the Game cards. Pretty sure I already have most of these, but couldn't resist.

Accidentally grabbed an extra Solarte Rated Rookie, if anyone needs one.

There was a healthy amount of Hometown Heroes in there, and I grabbed a few insert parallels. The black borders are kinda rare (happy to score that Mr. October), with the brown "gold" borders being the most plentiful parallel. (I also tried to check card numbers looking for any pesky SPs but didn't find any.)

More HH parallels. These above are trade bait, so let me know if any interest you. The gold Kerry Wood was picked up with P-town Tom in mind, but turns out he already has it.

McGriff. I think those zip code parallels are the rarest of the HH base card parallels. I probably already have that '87 Topps Traded card, but for a dime, why not grab it just in case.

A couple football cards. Don't be fooled by that LaDainian Tomlinson "rookie" as it's actually from 2010. It marks the first Chargers card I've bought since they officially moved to LA. I don't anticipate there being much more. But I still like LT.
I have a little Marshall Faulk collection due to his SDSU ties.

Decent amount of Prizm in the dimebox, and I picked out a few Prizm Prizms aka refractors.

Not a bad lot of Vlad, with a minor league card, neat textured insert, a diecut, and a #'d gold parallel.

And a pretty sweet lot of Wil Myers parallels. I'm sure he's been my fastest growing PC over the past year or so, with many cards coming in via trades plus a few pickups such as these. The Padres just gave him a huge contract, so I sure hope he can consistently produce and help keep our heads above water during this rebuilding.

These Contenders cards are kinda cool, mixing old-timers from their college days with young guys.

Mid 80s Fleer always seems to be strangely light in my collection for whatever reason. Funny how the Bench and Seaver are both somewhat unflattering photos of them throwing. Hell, all these photos are pretty blah. Come on, Fleer!

Some more young guys.

Pairs of Larry Walker and Giancarlo Stanton cards.

Ah, the glory days of Gold Label. That product Topps put out under the name last year did the brand a disservice. With real Gold Label, each card is like a hefty Chrome refractor. (Jeff, do you need that Konerko?)

Here are a couple fun Pacific cards that have a translucent area around the inset headshot. I don't even like Juan Gonzalez, but it was just too cool of a card to pass up.

Here are some more cards.

Some Padres. Jake Peavy / Dan Haren #'d 244/799 was a nice score for a dime, I thought. Peavy is still unsigned for 2017, with talks with San Diego apparently stalled. Would be nice to see him make a return, but whatever.

I need to find a Mark Teixeira collector to trade with, as I seem to come across plenty of his parallels at this card show, with these 2 being the latest additions to my reluctant PC. I don't really want them, but they're too cool/cheap for me to pass up.
Nice to find that Caminiti from his final season. Beltre insert.

Hard to pass up a Mike Trout card for 10¢.

Let's close with this pair. I'm a fan of the band Sleater-Kinney and the show Portlandia, so I had been hoping to eventually land this Carrie Brownstein First Pitch insert.
The Drew Stubbs refractor fills a slot in my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset.

So that wraps it up, besides a few cards already set aside for trader buddies.

Not a bad dimebox haul. Maybe I've become spoiled, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'll go back to this dealer. He seemed like kind of a douche and left for several minutes at a time. I ended up standing there for a few minutes while he came back from the pizza place in the mall. When I told him I had 117 cards and was ready to pay, I was expecting him to round down and just ask me for an even $10, like most of the cool dealers would do, but instead he asked if I could pick out 3 more cards to bring it to $12 (no discount). So that kinda rubbed me the wrong way, but then again, it was a solid haul of cards for cheap, so I probably shouldn't complain.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Panic! at the Card Show

Ok, maybe not "panic" but when I showed up to the card show this morning, I was just a few minutes too late to witness some high drama. Apparently a guy tried to nonchalantly steal a bunch of cards. Seems he had bought a few cards ($60), set them aside behind the bins, then came back to get them a little later, and "whoops", grabbed a bunch more that he didn't buy as well.. like a big bin of $400 worth of cards. After he got busted, he tried to ask for his $60 back before being scared off by a threat to get Security if he didn't leave ASAP. Again, I just missed the excitement, but it was definitely the talk of the show between the dealers.

As for me, I scored a bunch of cards. Nothing too amazing (or expensive) to show off, but I feel ok about my score. First purchase was $10 for a stack of vintage from 25¢ and 50¢ bins. Second purchase was $22 for 32 cards from the 7/$5 bins. And the final purchase was $12 for 120 cards from a dimebox.

I'll save the dimebox dig for another day, but here's the other cards I got for between 25¢ and 70¢ each.

Vlad relic. Numbered to 400 or so on the back.

Trout 3D. Pretty cool to find an eTopps card in the dollar bins.. Austin Jackson RC #'d /999.

Boost to my Francisco Lindor PC.

..And Manny Machado. Sorry I photographed many of these with the price tags still on. They look tacky like this, I know.. just rushing to get this post out.

1st Bowman Cards, including a Snell! Snell! refractor and a Wil Myers from back when he was a catching prospect with KC.

These are neat.

Gold Label.

#'d HOFers.

A few 80s cards including that Raines RC I've been wanting.

1975 Minis.

These are OPC.

More vintage. McAuliffe is OPC.. not sure why I grabbed it, as I don't plan to complete 71 OPC to complement the 71 Topps set I just completed recently. I guess that and the 68 rookie are available for trade.

More vintage, including a "Nat'l Lea."

Football and basketball.

I was reading on the Tim Wallach Card blog last weekend that 1970 Topps high numbers are very tough. Well, inspired by that I picked up 7 cards numbered >600. I'm not working on the set, but snagged them for trade-bait purposes. Anybody need any of these?

A few needs/upgrades for my 64 and 65 setbuilds.

And closing out with some autos. Love that San Diego Chicken!

That's it for today. Nothing amazing, but not bad haul for the price. A few cards already set aside for trader buddies not pictured.

I'll probably show off the dimebox pickups another time once I sort them out a bit. Thanks for stopping by!