Friday, September 15, 2023

Adam Jones PC highlights

Adam Jones is officially retiring today so I wanted to give him a quick blog spotlight. Exciting player, good person, plus he's a fellow San Diego kid, so he's easy for me to root for . At some point a few years ago I started snagging cheap/cool cards of his here and there, building a decent little PC. 

A couple low-numbered autos to kick things off.

Some relics. Bat chips and grey swatches, but hey, differing texture with each pair, at least.

No trifecta for me this time, btw, as I don't have any Adam Jones rookies. In fact, I think I only have Orioles cards of him, so I should probably try to score some additions documenting his career outside of Baltimore.

Fun photo on his 2018 card, shown here in four varieties.

A few more shiny highlights from the PC.

Someday I should try for a cycle/rainbow of those Pinnacle clear vision cards. 
Topps Chipz would have been a much better product if the parallels weren't so tough. 
The DK mini only makes the post because it's a Christmas Card.

I checked the Chip in the dark, and I don't think it's a glow-in-the-dark red parallel, sadly, just a regular red parallel (which are still pretty tough).

Finally, I'm pretty sure this was the very first custom overlay I ever made, spicing up a boring 2012 SP Signature Edition autograph I snagged for a couple bucks back in 2015. I've made a bunch of other overlays since, but this is still up there among my favorites.

That'll do it for this post. Wishing Adam all the best in his next chapter!

Sunday, September 10, 2023


Quick post to show off this Joey Votto auto I scored the other day.

I think it took over a year, but I eventually found a "Christmas (on)Card (auto)" in the price range I was looking for. Now my Joey Votto PC is in a place of "good enough" for my mind, which is always a happy feeling. With some rookies and relics already acquired, the all-important "trifecta" has been achieved.

A Trifecta Pyramid! lol

And it's his 40th birthday today! He celebrated in style with a home run fresh of the IL. Great dude and fun ballplayer.

Here's a partial rainbow of his 2015 Bowman's Best card, just to squeeze a little more refraction into the post.

Thanks for reading and have a great week. 

I'll throw in a couple cute Ruby pics from the other day, as I think Mr. Votto would want it that way.