Saturday, March 2, 2019

My Most Wanted (2004 Topps Retired refractors)

I don't own the cards in this post, but I would like to.

White Whale watching. Specifically with 2004 Topps Retired, I wanted to see how many of the remaining (sweet) 16 refractor autos that I need could be found online (just in digital image form, not necessarily for sale). It's also an exercise to prove to myself that they exist. I've been collecting these cards since returning to the hobby circa 2012, and some of them I've never even seen in all this time. There should be 25 copies of each refractor out there.

Here's my list of needs:

Hank Aaron
Ernie Banks
Stan Musial
Duke Snider
Mike Schmidt
Paul Molitor
Bucky Dent
César Gerónimo
Orel Hershiser
Dave Parker
Alan Trammell
Darren Daulton
Wally Joyner
Jimmy Key
Jack McDowell
Graig Nettles

I found pictures of 9 of them:

That leaves 7 cards with no photographic evidence, though I was able to find old "sold" listings from back when the product was new:

Paul Molitor - one at $55 in 2004, and another in 2005 for $82.
Bucky Dent - one in 2004 (the Christmas Card, no less!) for $85.
Cesar Geronimo - $58 in 2005.
Orel Hershiser - two in 2004 around $50+.
Dave Parker - one in 2005 for $90.
Wally Joyner - one in 2006 for $52.
Jack McDowell - one in 2005 for $90.

So this research was successful in reasonably proving to me that all 16 cards I need exist. (Hey, Topps has been known to list cards on checklists that they don't actually put out-- or redemptions that never get made-- so it's a real concern when hunting down whales you've never actually seen.)

If anyone has any of these sixteen 2004 Topps Retired Signature Edition refractor autographs available, please let me know! Would love to try working out a trade or sale. Otherwise, I'll just keep on keeping an eye out on eBay.


  1. Where do you search sold listings from that far back?

  2. Jimmy Key has one great looking signature.

  3. Good luck! It's a beautiful product. Hope you're able to cross off at least a few in 2019.

  4. Who the hell is hoarding Darren Daulton cards?

  5. I wasn't familiar with these cards. Good luck in your search and hope to see more!