Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rod's card show bonus

It's always nice to bump into Rod at the local card show.. and if he's brought cards to hand off to me, even better! Here are some highlights from the lot he gave me this past weekend.

No surprise that there were some spare Padrographs for me. One Bowman Chrome auto plus a few customs. Good stuff.

Rod also sometimes whips up non-Padre customs for autograph dealer buddies, and he happened to create one not too long ago for Chris D. Jones, a guy who went to my high school. While Jones had a couple cups of coffee in the majors, he unfortunately never got a major league card. So this custom helps fill that void. Hell, it's the first photo I've seen of him in a major league uniform! I'm planning to shoot him a TTM request soon, with big help from Rod finding a mailing address for me.

There were also some WWE ladies for me, including Ronda Rousey carrying people on her shoulders.

And my first in-hand taste of 2019 Topps.

I can't really get excited about flagship this year, but I'm happy to add some new cards of guys I collect.

Tempted to scratch the code on the Yelich and play the Home Run Challenge, but don't think I can bring myself to it.

Big Gleyber Torres lot with some of his Target exclusives. Curious to see how his sophomore season pans out.

Thanks again, Rod!

- - - ---o

Oh, and here's a nice PWE that came in a while back from The Lost Collector highlighted by a low-numbered (for its time) Trevor Hoffman from Pacific. Thanks, AJ! I'll try to hit you back soon.


  1. The card of the guy holding the bread like a football makes me laugh

  2. Topps Springer is already a favorite card of 2019, in my collection anyway.