Thursday, March 3, 2022

Drafting a PWE

I haven't had the mental bandwidth to get involved in a lot of the recent giveaway-type events on the cardsphere, but I was able to claim a spot in the Card Draft over at The Diamond King. Hopefully it was the first of many he runs. It's a pretty cool concept where a few folks send in a PWE full of random cards to him, then we involved all take turns selecting from the pot. I nearly biffed it, missing my first turn (not a huge deal since I had provided a rough preference list in advance), but remembered to show up right as I was put on the clock for my 2nd pick, and from there was able to ride along till the end. Anyways, here's my draft class.

Some active guys I collect. Shiny parallels from Panini help distract from lack of logos.

Randomness here with a Sean Newcomb RC image variation, Will Clark "Olympic Sponsor card" broder, and a couple legends.

Finally, a pair of vintage cards. The 1970 Dal Maxvill was my first pick, filling the criteria of oldest setbuilding need of mine on the table. Dal's not exactly a high number, but up there at #503. I didn't need the Whitaker rookie for my '78 setbuild, but it was still on the board after a while, so I snatched it up. Sweet Lou isn't an official PC of mine at the moment, but I'll at least get him a page in my 9-Pocket PCs binder.

That wraps up a solid PWE in exchange for a few dupes/unwanteds I chipped in for the draft. (And I was happy to see that 9 of the 10 cards I sent in got drafted by others.)

Big thanks to Kevin for putting in the time, energy, and return postage to make the draft happen!

I've got lots more incoming cards to blog about, but that big post is taking a while to finish so figured I'd crank this out in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I got my card draft PWE today and I'm very happy with it. Looks like you did well too. I already had the Maxvill in my incomplete 1970 set so I'm glad you got it. Kevin rocks!

  2. I got mine draft picks today as well. You chose the Maxvill I sent. I believe all of my contributions were picked.

    1. I took a chance on including a Marlin.. my bad, haha

  3. Solid picks all around, even if you didn't pick any I sent in. ;) I was surprised the Whitaker RC lasted as long as it did.

  4. Definitely wanna get in on the next card draft. That Buehler is fantastic!

  5. You had a really solid draft. That Whitaker would have been my #1 pick.

  6. Ah, you got the Soto-Devers, lol. And the Whitaker RC was a 'sweet' pickup!

  7. Thanks for participating! It was fun, and I think most everyone got a few cards they liked.