Friday, March 15, 2024

Incoming Cards™

All is not well at Baseball Card Breakdown HQ, with my dog Ruby getting a serious injury in a dust-up after she playfully surprised a mean dog at the park. Not life-threatening, but there's a pretty nasty gash on her side, now stitched up with a tube. It'll likely be a rough couple weeks of healing but she should be back to her over-the-top self soon. I'm pretty exhausted from all the stress and hours waiting at the emergency vet the other day, but glad that day is in the rearview now.

I've been meaning to do another one of those posts where I get around to showing off some incoming cards I've gotten recently, specifically non-purchases this time. (The post title is joke referencing Penny Sleeve's latest post.) So let's do that while I keep one eye on the dog (We try to give her plenty of time not in the Cone of Shame, but that means we need to make sure she doesn't mess with the area or get into any trouble otherwise).

When the Diamond King ran a quick contest where he'd try shopping for some cards for you at an upcoming card show, I tried to keep my entry comment request simple, asking for refractors of notable players or cheap star cards for cardart if I won.

Lucky me, my name came out on top and before long I received a pair of PWEs with my winnings.

Really nice selection of shiny stars, heavy on Padres. And here's a better look at that center Khris Davis...

Christmas Card! Kevin mentioned this was one he had set aside for me for a while.

The non-refractors were way better than I was expecting. I needed the Jim Palmer for my '76 setbuild, and the others are all nice PC additions. I think only the Betts is a dupe for me, so maybe that one'll get defaced in the name of art at some point.

Big thanks, Kevin! I really enjoyed these!

-   -  - --o

Looks like Zippy Zappy is still working on slimming down his collection, as I got another recent package from him.

Three baseball autos, a couple cards of a lovely lady, and a hockey printing plate. Not too often somebody drops a random 1/1 on you!

Some little Star Wars canisters from Japan (once containing cookies?) along with sleeves n' such (not pictured) that I'll find a use for.

Thanks again as always, Kenny! I hope you keep mailing me random cool shit for years to come. lol

-  - - - ---o

John Miller surprised me with a nice bunch of cards a week or so back.

A nice group of Gavins here.

Big Brian Giles lot. I should sort out the PC one of these days and enter it into TCDB as I bet I'd be a contender for the top spot with so much help from traders like John over the years.

Love whenever I can add to the Caminiti collection.

A few other highlights from the package. Thank you, John! Always appreciated! I need to find some Braves for you or at least make some more bubble customs for you and Bob like I've been meaning to.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Kevin, Kenny, and John for the cards.


  1. Tell Ruby it ain't nothin but a thang, JK. Scratch her butt for us, she'll like it LOL.

  2. Oh man, best of luck to doggie. I've had a week myself but fortunately my pet days are probably behind me. ... Like that Tenace card, I need to pick that up.

  3. Sorry to hear about Ruby. Hope that wound heals quickly and she feels better soon. My friend has me trained to be extra cautious when I'm walking her dog, because she's had a few scares herself.

    P.S. Lots of ladies today! Great stuff.

  4. I remember seeing something similar to your story on an episode of People's Court way back when, but don't remember the outcome. Since I don't know how something like this works, did the other dog's owner offer to pay the bill, or did you just get an "Oops, sorry my dog attacked yours"?