Thursday, October 30, 2014

Congrats, Giants

I'm not going to pretend like I was rooting for the Giants, but you gotta tip your cap to them. They got it done. As a Padres fan, I'll try to enjoy their victory through the connections of manager Bruce Bochy, pitcher Jake Peavy, and third base coach Tim Flannery, all of whom bleed brown and gold despite who's currently signing their paychecks. Congratulations, fellas!

Even though the bad guys won, it was a pretty exciting World Series. Great effort by the Royals, but David couldn't slay Goliath this time.

In an alternate reality somewhere, Salvador Perez hit a 2-out 2-run homer in the bottom of the ninth and the country erupted in celebration, Perez becoming baseball history right there with Joe Carter.


  1. Don't think I've ever hated a team with so many Padre connections this much. Still, good on those guys. Big Hunter Pence fan too, so yeah, it could've been worse. It could've been the Dodgers.

    1. Ha, yeah, and as I mentioned on Twitter, at least Brian Wilson isn't a Giant this year. I think I'd hate them a lot more if he was.

  2. I know how you awkwardly you feel about the Giants because they're the villains but yet they have so many links to your favorite team.
    In the Yankees' case the Giants had Dave Righetti, Joaquin Arias, Travis Ishikawa and George Kontos (not on postseason roster, all players who were once Yankees. Although the Royals did have Dave Eiland, Dale Sveum, Jason Nix and Raul Ibanez.

  3. There's another alternate reality where Gordon was waved home in the 9th on the Giants bumbled single turned four base error & tied the game! The game still was deadlocked in the 27th inning. At 4:20 am the contest was ruled an official tie by Bud Selig, his last move as baseball commissioner. No world champs in 2014.