Sunday, October 26, 2014

50 cents a pop (card show recap)

My big purchase at yesterday's card show was an entire dimebox for $22-- so more like a pennybox. I'm having fun digging through that and trying to get it somewhat organized. I'll cover its contents in a separate upcoming post or few.

As for now, I'll show off my other purchases. Nothing as awe-inspiring as the Clemente I brought home last time. But plenty of ok cards, each of which set me back 50 cents per card.

Serial numbered Kershaw /2014.
I want to collect that whole 1993 Topps Black Gold insert set.
Sweet Reggie.
Cool looking Gary Sanchez diecut.
Pretty sure I already had that Cashner xfractor.
Think I needed the other Cashner, though.

Screwed-down Eddie Murray. (Sorry about these photos. I wanted to scan these, but my printer/scanner hasn't been cooperating lately.)

I don't know who Zach Day is, but I love 2004 Topps Chrome black refractors, a carryover from my love of 2004 Topps Retired Signature Edition black refractor autos. It'd be cool to try for a parallel set. (Anybody got any to trade?)

Relics. All trade bait. Anybody want any of 'em?

Autos of undistinguished names. Again, trade bait. A couple Red Sox (with eerily similar names) set aside for Mark Hoyle if he needs 'em.

Old-timers section. Jerry Coleman #'d 25/99. Vintage Mantle! Expo Rose! Mini Gaylord. Yaz 1968 game card. McCovey deckle (pen mark on the back).

Frank Thomas. Griffey is wearing a Pepsi uniform; He must really love Pepsi! Andrew McCutchen minor league card. Xander.

Semi-iconic rookies. Alomar is a #'d reprint, as the gold border may imply.

2001 Archives Clemente. The question is do I put it with the set I'm building, or my Clemente PC?

Gwynn hologram. Not my best animated gif, but still kinda neat.

That's it. No incredible deals or anything, but not too bad. Oh, and I also got two 100-count bags of penny sleeves, 50 cents per bag. Can't beat that deal. Oh, and one card is not pictured because it's a Christmas Card so I'll save it for another day (I'm sort of toying with the idea of doing a watered-down Twelve Days of Christmas Cards this year). And I got a random golf card as kind of a joke which has already been mailed out in a trade package. Among cards I passed up but now regret doing so include minor league issues from Smoltz, Sheffield, and Pedro. I could have spent at least another half hour digging before my back/neck/feet forced me to wrap it up, but I got called home on family business.

This haul was sorely lacking in vintage. I really had high hopes of checking some 73 Topps off my list, but that didn't happen. I think the guy who used to have the nice selection of 73s may have finally gotten out of the game, like he often threatened he was planning on doing, since I haven't seen him at these last couple shows. Bummer. There's another guy with vintage commons, but his selection and prices aren't as good.

Again, the highlight of my haul was the dimebox I brought home, so stay tuned for that. And hey, thanks for reading!


  1. Those Griffey Pepsi cards are bittersweet. He looks pissed in nearly every one. His Dad seems happy, though.

  2. I'd love the autos. Never heard of VanBuren.

  3. I'd be interested in the Sanchez relic.