Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Speak up for 2015 Archives Fan Favorites

Back in May when I giddily discovered Bip Roberts had an auto in 2014 Topps Archives, I posted the question..
Who is a neglected favorite player of yours from the past that you would most like to see included in a current set? We're talking fan favorites who've been retired for at least a few years, who have very few-- if any-- certified autos out there.

Well, this morning, Topps tweeted soliciting suggestions for 2015 Archives.

So if you're on Twitter, now's a good time to try to make your voice heard! (and enter a contest for free cards in the process!)

Here's the link

Personally, I pretty much maxed out the amount of characters Twitter would let me use in my response:
Vin Scully, Dick Allen, Julio Franco, Nate Colbert, Eric Owens, Marquis Grissom, Reggie Sanders, Tekulve, Bip
I didn't spend a ton of time thinking it over, but I feel good about my suggestions, as those are all dudes I like that don't get much certified-auto love these days. Hopefully the guys at Topps actually take a good look at the responses, and perhaps even make a couple of these a reality. Obviously a lot of the folks replying don't get the concept of Archives Fan Favorites, and are suggesting current players and top-tier HOFers.

Anyways, today should be a nice mail day. Freakin' Columbus Day pointlessly delaying cards from being delivered to my mailbox! :( Abolish Columbus Day!

I sent out a bunch of PWEs on Sunday. The automated postage machine was on the fritz, and the only thing it would do was print postage (scale wasn't working). I took a guess that 70¢ stamps would be enough for each envelope, and bought a few. So hopefully they all reach their destination without a hitch.

Hey, speaking of Archives Fan Favorites autographs, let's close this post with one I added to my collection recently..

Bill Lee is quite a character. Glad to add an auto of Spaceman to my collection. I think this card is from 2013 Archives. He has another one in the style of 1973 Topps (I believe from 2012 Archives) which I liked more, but this 1974 style card was cheaper, so it won out. Maybe someday I'll pick up the other one too.


  1. I want to see them do a "Big in Japan" insert set with players who hit it big in NPB like Randy Bass, Warren Cromartie, Tuffy Rhodes, Bobby Rose, Julio Franco, Don Newcombe (as an outfielder!), Scott McClain and Randy Messenger.

    1. That'd be awesome. It's probably too off-the-beaten-path for Topps, but I could see Panini squeezing something like that into one of their sets.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I gave some suggestions too. Mostly all Royals from the 90's but most are ones I don't see autographs they put out.

  3. It would be cool to see a Bobby Bonilla certified auto. I don't think he has one.