Monday, October 27, 2014

I bought a dimebox: the Basketball highlights

I went to the card show over the weekend and bought an entire dimebox for $22, as I mentioned last time. This post is covering the basketball cards that were included.

While I don't dislike basketball, I don't follow it much, and it's a rare day that I watch a game or read an article (It was cool when the Trail Blazers advanced on a buzzer-beater last year, though.) There are a few guys I remember from back when I used to watch Pardon The Interruption on ESPN a few years back when I still had cable. And of course I know the big-name greats of yesteryear. I don't have much of a basketball card collection, but I don't mind adding to it from time to time. I was able to pull out a bunch of cards to keep from the dimebox, with plenty leftover to move via trades or Listia.

I bought more than my share of the baseball counterpart to these 12-13 Prizm cards, so this is definitely a familiar design to me. In contrast, nice to see these photos with untouched uniforms. Like with the baseball set, there are a lot of retired greats thrown in among the current players. I think the b&w Wilt might be my favorite.. which I just now notice actually seems to be from the 13-14 Prizm set. Close enough.

Here are some of the active guys.

Here are some more cards. The 2 "Bonus Shots" at the bottom are each #'d /249.

Here are some more cards. Ray Allen RC. The retro Dirk on the bottom is pretty cool, complete with reprint-style retro back.

Here's the rest of the Prizm (non-keepers). It made up about half of the basketball cards. Some dupes. These are available for trade, so just let me know if you're interested in any.

Here's the rest of the rest. Trade-box and/or Listia bound.

Finally, a couple Jordan oddballs, part of a 12 card set, if that title card is to be believed. I wonder if it counts as one of the 12?

And so those are the basketball cards that cost me about a penny each. Unless mentioned otherwise, the pictured cards will likely find a place in my collection, though I could be talked into trading away most of these without much convincing, so just let me know if anything caught your eye.

Now we're down to the meat of the dimebox: football and baseball. I still have a lot of sorting to do there, so it might take me a few days for the next post on the subject.

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  1. Panini is really in love with photoshopping the hell out of base cards. I haven't watched basketball since 2000 or so, but it looks like there was a nice mix of current players and legends in those products. And for that price, sifting through an entire dime box is worth it in entertainment value alone.