Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A couple more sexy autos

Ready for a couple more cuties?

Fight as I might, girlie cards have a way of stumbling into my collection. Last time I was searching for Shane Spencer cards and came away with a Spencer Scott auto. This time I was browsing cards on Listia and saw a Jaime Bergman auto in the featured auctions on the sidebar. I decided to go after it, and eventually ended up bringing it home. (Won it from Listia, but the seller amicably backed out and gave my credits back.. I ended up grabbing one on eBay instead.)

I gotta admit Son of the Beach was one of my favorite shows of the 90s-- (er, I mean 2000-2002, which I rounded down to the 90s.) Crude but clever, always hilarious. I might dare to lump it together with the Airplane! and Naked Gun movies, but spoofing Baywatch. And I always loved Jaime Bergman on there.. Not only super cute, but great in the role, too. And now I have her autograph!

The whole thing with the Listia auction falling through turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I suppose, since the eBay auction I eventually won several days later cost roughly the same, plus it was a lot with a few non-auto Jamie Bergman cards thrown in:

Papa likely.


I should find a Son of the Beach clip to link here, for the uninitiated.

That'll do.

Ok. I know I promised you two sexy autos.

Are you ready for the second sexy auto I have to share with you today??

Here it is!

LOL, that's right! It's Kent Tekulve again! Got you! You probably saw that one coming after last time.

This is another new stumbled-upon acquisition (I was searching for a cheap Big Papi auto). I picked up this beauty in a 4-card auction that also netted me a David Ortiz auto plus a Russ Springer and Greg Myers. All for $28 shipped. I've been wanting an Ortiz auto for a while, and was very happy to add a second Teke to my burgeoning We Are Fam-i-ly pseudocollection. The Springer and Myers are trade bait.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep it sexy.


  1. That male actor who was the lead on Son of the Beach always kinda struck me as being, for lack of a better term, skeevy. I know that was part of the schtick, but it made it hard for me to watch the show...that said, Jamie Bergman is hot. Period.

    And, so is that Tekulve auto!

  2. Replies
    1. Ditto. I have the same card, but my signature isn't as nice.

  3. Man... You had man when you said you had two sexy autos... then the Tekulve auto. Ouch.
    Ironically, Tekulve looks like he's wearing yellow yoga pants, which are kinda sexy... just not on Tekulve.

  4. I love that Tekulve. It is probably my favorite auto of his in my collection.

    Jamie Bergman /drool