Friday, August 18, 2017

Another cardblogger encounter in the wild

Kerry at Cards on Cards is a prominent card blogger in Portland I've traded with through the mail a few times, but hadn't crossed paths with in person. Well, a recent return package I sent him got returned to me because I was a dummy and forgot to include the apartment number in his address. Rather than face the humiliating fate of paying postage twice for the same package, I reached out to him about a quick meet-up. Turns out we work just a few blocks away from each other in downtown, and his building is right by the post office I hit for work a couple times per month. Today, we were able to swing a meet-up on my way to drop off some outgoing work mail.

I thought it was a funny coincidence that this morning on the Max, there was a guy wearing a Padres hat with Cardinals colors, almost foreshadowing a meeting between a Padre fan and a Cardinal fan later that day.

Anyways, that was cool. Kerry, nice meeting you, and yeah, if you ever want to do in-person trades to save a few bucks postage, just let me know.

I'm not typically a very social, outgoing guy away-from-keyboard, but I do enjoy meeting fellow bloggers and other online buddies of mine. Let's list the bloggers I've met...

Padrographs Rod (met him at the card show a few times, plus he's dropped cards off at my house a few times)
Ken at Cardboard Hogs (met him at a card show once)
gcrl at cards as i see them (met him in the lobby of my work building while he was in town for work)
Dimebox Nick (met him at his work in O'Hare while I was in Chicago on a layover)
Kerry at Cards on Cards (met him by his work in downtown Portland)

So that's a whopping 5 cardbloggers I've met in person! Can anyone top that? (Feel free to use that as a prompt for a post of your own.)

I'd love to add to the list, too. You know, it's the old collecting gene.. "gotta get them all!" LOL
I was a little hurt when Fuji and Raz each visited Portland recently and didn't give me a shout. Come on, guys! Next time you're up here, we should get together for a drink or something.

Speaking of work, American Idol was outside yesterday auditioning for the next season. Word must have gotten to the producers of how I crushed it at karaoke last weekend.

Let's cram a couple cards in this post, even a Cardinal to help tie the post together. These are both recent eBay pickups, as I inch toward completing 1965 Topps. Bob Uecker is a big collectors' favorite thanks to his colorful post-playing days, so his cards can be tricky to find cheap. He's a guy like Vin Scully who definitely deserves more love from card companies these days. Put him in Archives and/or Ginter, damn it. And of course Juan Marichal is among the greatest pitchers of his era. These are both in rough shape (the Marichal is kinda dirty on the back), so I scored them for a good price.

That's gonna do it for today. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. I'm excited for the card show on Saturday. Say hi if you see me!


  1. Great pair of 65's! I was eyeballing that Uecker for awhile... but ended up chasing down his 63 instead. If I ever stumble across a cheap copy of that 65, I'll probably grab it. Now that my best friend lives in Portland (actually Lake Oswego), I should be out there at least two... maybe three times a year. The next time I'm out there... I'll email you. Maybe we can meet up at a card shop (although I couldn't find any on my phone when I was there) or a game.

    1. Right on. You should try to plan your trips to coincide with the monthly card show. [website with schedule]

  2. I've met zero...mostly because I'm pretty sure there aren't any collectors in north central PA these days. Pretty cool you've met so many though!

  3. I have not met anyone least not yet. I know there are some bloggers who are fairly local that I may run into at some point.

    I have met people from the old Trader Retreat back in the day and someone from the NASCAR card forum I am a member of. But neither of them blog about cards.

  4. I have never met anyone I knew online first in person, but if I'm ever able to escape this town, getting up there to meet you & check out your local card show will be very high on my list.

  5. Never met any. Hopefully if I ever make it to the national that would be my main plan

  6. Ugh, I really hate wrong colored baseball caps. Huge pet peeve of mine.

    girl has a new blog? Where the hell have I been?

  7. that Uecker is so funny batting left like Burdettes '59 card where he is posing southpaw

  8. Never met any bloggers. Let me know if you're ever coming to NY!

  9. Wouldn't surprise me if we have been side by side looking through cards at Bill's tables, but never realized it.

  10. I need just one more to tie you, buddy. I'm currently at four bloggers met.