Tuesday, August 22, 2017

trade post with Schimpf ink, Christmas Branches, and micro 91s

Here's a trade post with 3 recent incoming card mailings.

I already showed off the Kirbys that Brian at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary sent my way, but now here are the rest.

I think this is my first Ryan Schimpf auto. He's currently in the minors, but still somewhat of a fan favorite to Padres supporters.

Some more various Padres parallels.

More Padres and a Gavin. Very cool.. thanks again, Brian! A return package is on the way to you.

- - - --o

Next up isn't really a trade package. Maybe you remember a week or two ago, I picked up a nice Billy Hamilton collection from SpastikMooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame blog. Well, as he's been re-prioritizing his collection, another of his PCs he decided to cut was his Deion Branch cards. He thought a few of them would fit in nicely with my collection due to their festive serial numbering, and generously said I didn't need to send him anything back.

Sweet patch card!

A couple more shiny Branches.

And the backs with the glorious 12/25 numbering. Nice additions to my Christmas Card collection!

He also threw in some random football cards...

...and some random basketball cards.

Thanks again, man! I owe you one. Maybe I could whip up a Seneca custom or something. Let me know.

-  - - - --o

Finally for today, a bunch of itty-bitty 1991 Topps micros from Hunter at Braves Country Cards.

Looks like there's probably a Padres team set there, plus a Kirby for good measure. I already had the Bip, but otherwise these are new to me. He must've broken up a factory set for that sweet Chipper RC and the rest of the Braves.

It'd be funny to try an autograph request with one of these micro cards. You'd have to pick a guy with a quirky sense of humor.

Thanks a lot, Hunter. I'll shoot over some Braves your way as a thank-you soon.

See you next time, guys.


  1. The 91 Topps minis are so cool, I have a well-loved Andre Dawson somewhere. Nice Christmas cards, too. I'm keeping an eye out for some 12/25 but I havent found any affordably priced ones yet.

    Is that Mark Jackson finest card a refractor? Or is the shiny from the scan/flash?

    1. Not a refractor, sad to say.

      And man, yeah, I came across several cards #'d /25 at the recent card show, but none of them were 12/25.. always a little frustrating. But I guess if they were super easy to find, they wouldn't be as special.

  2. I got that micro set on my trip. It was only $5, so figured why not. You were right. I pretty much got it for the Chipper RC. Post coming (hopefully) soon.

  3. Glad you like the XMas cards! I'll always take Seneca customs lol, especially if they're from his brief time as a 49er, Packer, or Saint. Or even as a Raider which he almost was but never actually signed with them lol. Or a cupcake custom. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/58/f2/1d/58f21de59aca4fea4dae0ede77c9e23a--seneca-foods.jpg