Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trade with Shoebox Shane

Great package of cards from Shoebox Legends arrived the other day.

Love this Fisk legends variation diamond parallel!

And an impressive lot of atomic refractors (/225) toward my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset. Wow! I'm obviously a big fan of 2011 parallels, hence the franketsetbuild, and these are some of the coolest looking cards around.

Plus a Big Sean Casey for my 2004 Topps Chrome black refractor parallel set. Great looking card.

Oh man. Hear me out, but I gotta say I'm sick of receiving Wil Myers cards in trades these days. He's been "retired" to my Hundred Card Club and I don't necessarily feel the need to add to the PC. Sure, the fact he's having a so-so year has contributed to my lethargy collecting him, and if he was putting in an All-Star caliber season, I'd likely feel differently. But yeah, you can cross him off my list and not send me any more of his cards until further notice.

THAT SAID, Shane was able to give me the one Wil Myers card I still really wanted! It's a retail-only All-Star insert from last year featuring a big fat #ToppsFail. That's not Wil Myers pictured, rather it's Padres manager Andy Green. Pretty obvious mistake and makes you wonder if the folks at Topps actually follow baseball much besides the Yankees. Anyways, I've been wanting a copy of this odd error since last year, so again, big thanks, Shane. Now I feel like my Wil Myers PC is complete (enough).

Nice! Shane is a big Star Wars fan and buyback collector, so this must have been a dupe for him (as were the above 2011 parallels, I gotta assume.) Happy to add this to my modest SW card collection.

Since it's Blue Tape and Pull-Tab Awareness Week, let's take a look at his packaging.

The "cut 9-pocket page" PWE technique is a good one for when you've got a dozen or so cards to send. Shane used little pieces of blue tape to keep the cards snugly within the 3 pockets. Pull-tabs here might have been a nice touch, but even a chronic nail-biter like myself can still get the blue tape off without much trouble. So yeah, I'll give him a solid A here.

As for that cognac Trout RC.. oh man, hopefully one day I'll put a nice Xander Bogaerts 1/1 or something to tempt a trade for it.

Thanks a lot for the cards, Shane!

I had a couple great days of jury duty earlier this week. Just hung out reading Ball Four (through the April chapters now) waiting for my name to be called (it wasn't), then got out early both days. Had time to take the pup to the park to get in some quality playtime before the heatwave hit.

Happy pooch!

It's seriously a hellscape looking at the forecast..

Record breaking heat for Portland. Ridiculous! At least my work is well air-conditioned, and at home I can bunker down (hunker down? hunker down in the bunker) in the basement where it stays cooler. But yeah, I'm ready for autumn.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards Gavin! Every card except the "Myers" and Casey (which you had mentioned a while back when I posted that you needed) was a dupe for me, we certainly have similar collecting interests.

  2. Too late, dude. There are Myers en route to you as I write this.