Monday, October 28, 2019

dimebox basketball

There were a few basketball cards that made their way onto my stack during the dimebox dig from the card show a couple weeks back.

I don't think I could pass up a Crusade card in a dimebox regardless of the player (no offense to Joe Dumars, who is a HOFer). I believe this is a teal parallel, /249. Just beautiful.

This Kawhi Leonard is pretty shiny, too.

A pair of acetate cards. I don't follow basketball too much, but I think I'm at least familiar with the big names in the league.

A few more active dudes.

Hard to pass up any card of the GOAT for just a dime.

More legends of the past.

And lastly, this is technically a baseball card, but figured it made more sense grouping it with the basketball cards.


  1. Good stuff! The acetates were one per hanger box that year if I remember correctly.

  2. As much as I enjoy the shiny stuff... my favorite card is that 93/94 UD Jordan. Awesome card.

  3. Man! I'm not a basketball card guy, but those first few shiny/acetate beaut's make me wish Panini had a license for MLB cards...

  4. Nice pickups. Same, Kawhi and the old school legends stick out to me.

  5. I found the exact same Dr. J in a dime box last month, I guess that's the going rate for it on both sides of the country :)