Saturday, February 2, 2019

A few customs

"The Wesening" is coming, but there are literally 50+ girlie card hits and it's just a daunting post to get images for and type up. Maybe tomorrow. For now, here are some custom highlights I've whipped up recently for John Miller. Sorry to spoil the surprise, John, but these are some I'm really digging.

Bob Dylan in the style of 1991 Donruss Elite inserts. I'd like to get a real '91 Elite someday.

Gonna have to print out a copy of this Fred Dryer for myself, another proud SDSU alum.

I believe these requested customs are for John's "same name" binder. Mike/Michael Myers is a good one. This is in the style of 2005 Topps dual rookies subset. (John doesn't mind combined cards, but he prefers them to be vertically oriented, which limits the options.)

Let's close with this badass Joe Perry '64. I like Aerosmith. Pump is a great album.

John is keeping me busy (I'm only about a quarter through his big list), but I'll admit these are fun to whip up.


  1. Damn. You've got some serious talen. That Elite Dylan and 64T Perry are my favorites!

  2. I am totally digging those too. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  3. I had a song from Aerosmith Pump in my mind when I woke up this morning. Cool card!

  4. Hey Gavin, Your completed 1971 Topps set has a lot of "wanted" upgrades..... What condition are you looking for with those? LMK.

  5. Same name is funny! Which one is scarier?