Monday, January 24, 2022

PWE from the Best Bubble

Been a slow month on the blog so far, but I've been keeping busy. Here's a quick post to prove I'm alive.

Bob @ Best Bubble dropped another PWE my way recently. The "naughty" section of my Women on Cardboard sidecollection gets some eye-catching additions. A couple shiny Olivia II art cards (one kinda looks like Debbie Harry, yeah?) and a couple centerfolds from yesteryear. 

While I've already completed the Glow Stars subset from 1993 UD Fun Pack, I light up (no pun intended) whenever I'm sent any and all glow-in-the-dark cards. Maybe less enthused by duplicate Gavins, but the autograph is pretty sweet. That minor league Osteen was my very first card of any Gavin, pulling it from a pack back in the day, so it sparks some nostalgic "feels" whenever I see it. (Although.. he never responded to my TTM request a few years ago, so not exactly 100% positive feels. But like 98% positive and just a touch of dejection that comes with an unanswered TTM request. Maybe I should try him again sometime.)

Thanks, Bob! I'll be hitting you back with something cool one of these days, promise!


  1. Bob always puts together entertaining envelopes - and this one looks more entertaining than most for obvious reasons.

  2. Glow Stars was a neat set. I just got my first one recently, and absolutely love it!

  3. The Glow Stars look nice. I may look for some. The ladies look lovely as well.

  4. Over the years I've come across a bunch of "naughty" women trading cards, but usually toss them in the trash. Can't risk one slipping into the stacks I bring into my classroom. But any future ones I find will be reserved for you.