Saturday, April 1, 2023

SDSU Gwynns

I've never followed college sports very closely-- probably in part because San Diego has historically not been much of a factor in college football or basketball rankings despite a few incredible players passing through over the years. Living in Portland now, the Oregon Ducks are the most popular college team in these parts, and I'll casually root for them to win the championship if they're in contention, but I honestly don't really care about college sports.

But as a fellow San Diego State University alum, I love collecting Tony Gwynn cards that picture him as an Aztec. I was happy to hear that the current squad has made it to the Final Four. Winning it all would be a big deal! To help wish the team luck, I thought I'd make a quick post with my SDSU Gwynns.

The college basketball subcollection is a favorite portion of my Gwynn PC. Those 2 autos are especially bad-ass.

And no surprise I also have a few baseball cards featuring collegiate Tony, with little bro Chris also popping in. The bunting one is a custom I made, but otherwise these are all legit.

With Tony having so many damn cards out there, trying to go after everything is pointless and exhausting, so I try to focus on what I like most. I'm sure there are a ton of big Gwynn collectors out there who would put my overall Mr. Padre PC to shame, but at least when it comes to Aztec cards specifically, I might have a chance at ranking somewhere up the list.

Thanks for reading and Go Aztecs!


  1. Crap, I forgot to do an annual stupid April Fools post. Oh well, you've been spared this year!

  2. LOL too bad about the April Fools post, but that's a very cool bunch of Gwynns! And I think SDSU in the Final Four is a super fun story for the tourney this year so good luck to them!

  3. Graduated from a completely different CSU... but in honor of Gwynn... I'm rooting for your team. Let's go Aztecs!

    P.S. #1 What an awesome collection of Gwynn basketball cards.
    P.S. #2 What an ending!

  4. I think that custom Gwynn bunting is tied with the Pristine card as the best of the lot!

  5. Looks like I've got a target if I ever need to purge the Malachi Flynn content from my Raptors PC.

  6. I'm just amazed that there are so many Tony Gwynn "basketball" cards out there.