Thursday, July 27, 2023

Cards blown in by the summer wind

I've been meaning to finish this "incoming cards I didn't purchase" post for a couple weeks, but it's been languishing as a draft while I just haven't been feeling very talkative. But let's try to bust it out.

Daniel Wilson surprised me with this pair of solid cards on my sidebar wantlist. I'm getting really close to finishing up 1978 Topps, and Reggie's card #200 was probably the biggest void after receiving the Trammell/Molitor RC from Dennis not long ago. 

I'm looking to acquire multiples of that Bo Jackson FBBB card thanks to a neat project I've got in mind (--don't worry; I won't deface the card.) You'll see the Bo again in a future post once that all comes together. In the meantime, if you've got Bo's 1990 Score #697 available for trade, hit me up and I'll try to find a compelling return for you.

Thanks a lot, Daniel!

-  - -o

Gregory at Nine Pockets has been gracious in his support of my cardboard creativity, recently dedicating posts on his blog to the Warhol Rose Infinite Parallels Project (WRIPP) that I kicked off earlier this year, as well as another for the "border art" cards I've been doing more recently. Means a lot to get such a positive reaction and encouragement from a fellow quirky card maker. He generously ran another giveaway recently, and I couldn't resist getting in on the action to nab this pair of "1973 Topps" Seinfeld cards to complement the "1956 Topps" George Costanza I got from him in an earlier giveaway. But yeah, I often name '73 Topps as my all-time favorite flagship set and love how he pulled off these customs so perfectly. If you haven't already, be sure to check out his blog and peruse his eBay inventory where he's got a ton of fun customs priced to move.

Thanks, Gregory! You rock!
He even threw in a bonus Pokemon card for the ride. 

-   -  - o

Last for today is a surprise box from the ever-generous John Miller

A nice bunch of young Gavins to kick things off. Stone and Williams made their MLB debuts this season. Cross was the Royals' 1st draft pick last year.

Among the other highlights were lot of pocket schedules.

Here's the glowing Heyward in action.
Hey Fanatics, here's a parallel idea: The Glowfractor. A Chrome refractor that glows in the dark. Oh man, I'd go after something like that pretty hard if they weren't too pricey. (Watch me link back to this post in a couple/few years when Glowfractors become a real thing, lol. [There is a Bowman parallel this year called Lunar Glow, but it doesn't seem to actually glow in the dark or anything, just a cratery looking background.])

But the bulk of Johnny's box were 1992 Leaf Black Gold parallels and 2011 Topps diamond parallels. With the crazy volume of cardboard he deals with, John doesn't have time to check stuff like this against a wantlist, but I think roughly half were needs, and hey the rest can be tradebait once I get around to entering that stuff into TCDB. My '92 Leaf black gold setbuild jumped from 63% complete up to 73% thanks to this lot.

Awesome stuff, John! I'm working on putting a return together for you.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Are you only collecting Padres pocket schedules? LMK if interested in non-Padres.

  2. GlowFractors are definitely going to become a thing (the technology exists!) so Fanatics better credit/comp you when they release 'em in a couple years.

    I'm surprised I haven't seen those Stadium Lights inserts on Night Owl's blog.

    1. Oh they have been noted:

  3. Fuji needs just a few Black Gold Leaf to finish off his set. Hopefully you have what Mark needs.

  4. A. That Billy Ball Oakland A's pocket schedule is awesome!

    B. I'm building that 1992 Leaf Gold set too. Let me know if you have extra copies of any of these: 4 David Howard, 7 Joe Oliver, 13 Mike Mussina, 16 Mark McGwire, 22 Joe Hesketh, 25 Rex Hudler, 54 Carlos Hernandez, or 317 Ryne Sandberg. I'd be willing to buy them off of you.

  5. Tom: Nah, I’m not really looking to add more pocket schedules, but thanks for checking.

    Chris: Yeah, I think GlowFractors should be /25, and every 12/25 card should be sent directly to me and we call it good. ha

    John/Fuji: I checked but sadly Fuji’s needs are all needs of mine as well, so I’m unable to help there. (I'm a bit relieved because my '92 Leaf bee-gees are still unsorted at the moment, so it would be a pain to find a dupe. Gotta sort those out one of these days!)

  6. That Score Bo Jackson has gone up quite a bit since the boom started. I have a few, and was trying to get a full pages worth, but haven't been willing to pay $3-4 for what should still be a dime card, so I've been stuck on 5 or 6 cards for a couple of years now.

  7. Great stuff all around! My kid asked for the Pokemon Nine Pockets sent me haha.