Wednesday, July 5, 2023


Longtime friend of the blog Zippy Zappy surprised me with a mini-zapping recently.

The big boy of the package was this 2015 Bowman Draft Aaron Judge Asia exclusive black and red paper parallel. Very nice addition to the PC. (I also have an unofficial long-term side-quest of completing a parallel frankenset of every player who appeared in the 2015 Bowman design [so, flagship Bowman but also counting Chrome/Draft/etc.. one parallel for every player on the combined checklist], and I know I didn't have a '15 Bowman Judge yet, so that would be a big card down toward that idea of a project. It's weird to get sentimental over cards from 2015, but looking back, I was riding high in my return to the hobby and those might've been "the good old days" to some degree.)

Other highlights from the stack of baseball cards included an early Gary Sánchez card numbered to 25. Funny that he's on the Padres now.

Also included were some cards of lovely ladies (only PG-rated this time), some gaming cards, and even one football card hidden in there.

There was also a bunch of used sleeves n' stuff, plus a random pair of new Livestrong bracelets. I'll find a use for 'em all, no doubt!

Thanks for everything, Kenny!


  1. Tom said it^. Zippy Zappings are the best. Looks like some great stuff here!

  2. Another frankenset project eh? Good luck!

  3. Great stuff. It's always fun flipping through the ladies after being zapped!