Saturday, February 24, 2024

1987 Topps pack rip

I've got a small cache of rainy day unopened packs that I'm making a point of finally opening. I figure there could be cards in there to put towards my #cardart activities, so might as well. Let's get a quick post out of one.

Here's an old pack of 1987 Topps that fell into my lap at some point. I'd most like to hit a Bo Jackson or Barry Bonds. McGwire, Canseco, or even Will Clark would be some other potential good pulls.

Looks like this pack may have been through some inclement weather at some point in the past 37 years, as all the cards seem to be a little warped. Might not make for the best cardart canvases to work with. Ron Hassey here is a textbook "gum stain variation" with a prominent pink silhouette. I put it in a sleeve right away to quarantine the mess. The gum itself had cracked into a bunch of small pieces long ago, but left a memory of its heyday as a viable stick of gum for some kid to chew. I've gone on record on this blog as being a guy who is liable to "eat the gum" from vintage packs, though now that I'm older (and the gum is older), those freewheeling days of throwing digestive caution into the wind are behind me.

I pulled a Griffey and a Trout, so there's that.

The pack wasn't without some star power. These 4 are my best bets to turn into something crafty. The Dwight Gooden already seems to be an "unofficial variation" what with printing flaw making it look like Doc spilled Froot Loops on his jersey.

Welp, the best rookie I pulled was Doug Drabek, but still a fun way to spend a minute or two.

Bonus "wood border" action before ending the post...

Maybe you remember last year when I was doing a lot of "border art" for a minute? Can't believe at the time I didn't think to draw a simple wooden frame. That might be a little boring by itself, so a blackened background helps give the card a more distinctive look.

I even score the borders a bit to give them some texture. It's a neat effect in hand, mimicking an old wooden frame. Nothing incredible, but yeah, just another style to add to the repertoire. 

That's it for today. Thanks for reading.


  1. Dude, that wood border art card is awesome! Well done!

  2. Great job with that wood frame border! It looks so real. By the way... I received your PWE. Thanks in advance.

  3. Man, ripping a pack of 1987 Topps just hits me in the childhood memories...

  4. The wood border is super cool! Good job.

    P.S. If you don't know me, check out my blog:

  5. Not only did you get a Griffey and a Trout, but you also got the more interesting version of each's namesake.