Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A pack and a couple boxes

I still haven't bought any retail since covid, and while I like what I've seen of the 2024 Topps flagship design, I haven't been compelled to go out and buy any. But thankfully I still get the thrill of new-to-me cards with a little help from my blogger buds.

Actually CardBoredom was a new one for me, under my radar for these past few months. But it's a really well done site/blog. I've been going back to read David's old stuff and interested to see what's next from him.

I had read about David's attempts at replicating a wax pack, and was thrilled to receive one after he reached out about wanting to send me a few cards I'd probably like. The wrapper looks familiar and in fact it's a riff on the 1972 Topps wrapper.

Personalized and everything! Not pictured, but yep, there's even a stick of gum.

And here's what I pulled:

A pack of 1972 Topps high numbers for my setbuild! These are all from the toughest 6th series. I've never ripped a real pack of '72 Topps (several packs of '82 Topps from my LCS back in the early 90s is the closest I've come), so it's pretty incredible to get a simulation such as this. Big thanks, David!

Thanks to this pack, I'm up to 88.94% complete, with 88 cards left to check off.

(a band called The 88)

I think I'm rounding third with this set, not too far away from coming home. That high-number series is a bear, though. Pretty incredible to get this many at once, and from a #RAK mailing no less.

Thanks again to CardBoredom for the awesome surprise!

-  - ---o

The same day I received that pack of '72s in the mail, Padrographs Rod stopped by my house with a couple boxes of cards for me. It was a good day! Let's take a quick look at some highlights.

Smelling like goats over here, lol. Some of the biggest names you could hope to pull from Goodwin Champions.

Lovely ladies are always nice to see when thumbing through cards.

Looks like Juan Soto will go down as a great player who had a brief layover in San Diego during his HOF career, joining the likes of Rickey Henderson, Mike Piazza, Greg Maddux, and Willie McCovey. Oh well, glad he suited up for my favorite team, however fleeting. Still probably my favorite active player or at least high up on that theoretical list.

Here are some other dudes I like/collect who are currently still with the Padres. Hope those big contracts work out. (I could die happy with just one damn championship in my lifetime. I wouldn't say no to a dynasty, but really, just one is fine.)

Thank you, Rod! Always very much appreciated.

BTW, Rod, expect to see a new vehicle in the driveway next time to stop by. Everyone is fine, thankfully, but my wife had a collision on Presidents Day, and crumbled up the hood of our trusty old Mariner just barely to the point of it getting "totaled" by insurance. We're buying a new Subaru Crosstrek. I generally have a negative impression of Subarus, but that's just because I seemed to get cut off by Outbacks all the time back when I had a nasty daily commute. I haven't driven the new car yet as I write this, but I will have by the time you're reading.

-  - --o

Late addition to the post.

The last time I won a contest on Twitter, it was actually named Twitter still. I don't "RT" stuff much, and as such I don't enter many giveaways there. But Mashing Dingers ran one where all you had to do was like the tweet to win a random lot of sportscards, so I clicked the heart icon and next thing you know I won. Mashing Dingers seems like a good dude. We had even chatted a couple/few years back about him writing a guest post on Baseball Card Breakdown, but he got cold feet. (I suppose I have a blanket offer out there to any cool hobby folks who want to write a random interesting blog post but don't want to start their own blog just for one thing they want to talk about one time.. yeah, feel free to get in touch with me about writing a guest post. Lord knows I don't make blogging a top priority for myself these days, so I could use occasional help keeping the cobwebs away.)

Anyways, took a while to get the cards (giveaway was back in mid December), but they were fun to go through.

I'm not a big collector of basketball or soccer, but I don't mind sprinkling some diversity in my collection here and there, such as in a lot of random winnings like this. Cool to check out the crazy designs with various shine/sparkle stuff I haven't seen in-hand before.

Of course the highlights for me were the baseball cards included. I think it was seeing the powder blue Killebrew in the tweet that made me throw my name in the hat for the giveaway. A bunch of rookies and some shine here also. I think that's my first card of Jasson Dominguez.. I'll be curious to see how he performs after he heals up. Also hoping former Padres prospect CJ Abrams puts up some good numbers.

Alright, calling the post good here. Oh, yeah, the new car handles well, btw, though I kinda miss being higher up after so many years with the SUV.. moved up from San Diego in that car, so I guess I'm a little sentimental about it, but it was about time to move on from it anyways, so it's all good. Gotta go pick up the dog from daycare now. Thanks for reading.


  1. Yes, that's a very nice '72 pack. ... Speaking from experience, chasing those colorful high numbers is a gauntlet.

  2. I'm on my fourth Crosstrek, kind of a necessity with my commute (and where I live) to have a good vehicle for the snow as well as decent gas mileage. (also, cool cards!)

  3. Sorry to hear about the collision, but glad your wife was ok!

  4. A. Never heard of that blog, but he's taking on the 1993 Finest Refractor set which is pretty awesome. Best of luck on completing the 1972 Topps set. Glad to hear you're rounding 3rd.

    B. It's so cool that there's a group of bloggers in the Portland area. It's been way too long since I've been up there to visit (since the pandemic my friend and I usually meet in Ashland during the summer). But hoping to get back up there this year. By the way, I'm very sorry to hear about the car accident. Glad everyone is okay. Congratulations on the new car. It's funny... one of my observations about Oregon is there seem to be a lot of Subaru Outbacks. Not sure if that's just something in my imagination or if it's true.

    C. Congratulations on winning that Twitter contest. It'll be interesting to see if anyone takes you up on your "guest post" thing. It kinda reminds me of when I was part of a collaborative blog called Sports Jambalaya where there were a bunch of us who were all guest bloggers (like A Pack To Be Named Later). Sadly it didn't last long, but I thought it was a cool concept.

  5. Lowell Palmer sure had some good cards, didn't he?

  6. David had mentioned sending packs to a few more people, but having not seen any others posted yet I was wondering who else got one. Looks like you got a good one. I like too that he switched up the wrapper design to match what was in the pack.