Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cards from Marcus

Marcus from all the way to the backstop hooked me up with a very nice package of cards a few days ago. Like the recent Cards from Nate post, I'm just going to let the cards do most of the talking.

A whole bunch of SportsFlixy cards!
Autos n' relics!
Gwynn! RIP, Tony. Love you!
Miiiiscy!! including a couple McGriff holograms and a Sheffield '93 "Black Gold" insert. That may be my favorite insert set of all-time.. I need to get all of 'em. 
Patches! Manipatches ain't always great, but these 2 definitely are.

A bunch of Trevor serial numbered insanity from that crazy Topps set that just vomited nothing but serial numbered cards. I'll take em!
Thanks as always, Marcus! You're the best! You'll get a bunch of bonus entries in my contest, plus I plan to send you a return package soon.


  1. Glad to know that someone else appreciates the Black Gold cards. Those are awesome, easily my favorite insert of the 90's, maybe of all time. Can't remember if I already said it, but glad to hear you had a great time in Hawaii! Take care, go Padres!

    1. Thanks again, Marcus! Yeah, I pulled a Frank Thomas Black Gold from a pack back in the day, and even though it'd probably be a dime-box dweller at this point, it's still one of my most cherished cards. I recently picked up the Bip black gold when beefing up my Bips (I was very excited when I discovered he had one! even if pictured as a Red). Next time I place an order with Just Commons or wherever, I'll have to try to remember to try picking up some of the rest of those inserts.