Saturday, July 26, 2014

Loyal reader contest update

I snuck in a "loyal reader" contest at the end of my latest post. As expected, there weren't a lot of entrants. Only 4, in fact!

Let's throw those 4 into

...and then repeat the pattern a few times..

1 Tony L.
2 Mark Hoyle
3 Comatoad
4 Greg Zakwin
5 Tony L.
6 Mark Hoyle
7 Comatoad
8 Greg Zakwin
9 Tony L.
10 Mark Hoyle
11 Comatoad
12 Greg Zakwin
13 Tony L.
14 Mark Hoyle
15 Comatoad
16 Greg Zakwin
17 Tony L.
18 Mark Hoyle
19 Comatoad
20 Greg Zakwin
21 Tony L.
22 Mark Hoyle
23 Comatoad
24 Greg Zakwin
[and so on]

Let's say the winning number is the total combined number of runs in tonight's (7/26/14) Padres @ Braves game. The winner gets to pick one of the remaining lots of certified autos in the prize pool. The other 3 will still get cards from me too regardless (Mark and Tony already have packages from me ready to go. Greg and Duff, I need your addresses.)
Thanks for reading and good luck, guys!


  1. Sorry to have missed it somehow, will pay better attention next time !!!

  2. Aghhh. I got behind on my reading and missed a contest. Good luck to the four entrants!

  3. That's what I get for being on vacation.