Friday, July 4, 2014

Let's figure out a contest winner!

Sorry it's taken me a few days, but now I've gotten the contest entries squared away.

First off, let's take a look at a few bonus lots that I'm throwing into the grand prize pool:

Lot I - Originally the Drysdale was going to be a bonus only if I was able to reach 100 followers by the end of June, and while we fell just short, it was enough to wake up Night Owl, so I'm going ahead and putting it on the table. I'm just a nice guy like that. Also, Andy Green.

Lot J - A couple Tigers, Kirk Gibson and Don Kelly.

Lot K - This lot is specifically inspired by hiflew who complains Colorado wasn't represented in the Topps Retired sets. Well, here's the Rockies' Charlie Hayes for ya! Plus a couple D-back prospects who didn't pan out (sorry, I don't have any other Rockies autos available!).
Check the original contest post to refresh yourself on Lots A thru H.

Now let's list out all the entrants. Remember the max number of entries per person was capped at 7, so if you pimped or something and don't see an entry for it, it's probably because you got 7 entries by other means. There also may have been a pimp or two that didn't get counted because it was required that you mention it in a comment (just to make it easier on me when I'm sorting out all the entries).

Here are the entrants in alphabetical order:

Al Kawamoto 1, comment
Alex Markle 1, comment
Alex Markle 2, pimp
Alex Markle 3, Greg Zakwin refer
Alex Markle 4, Mets Cardboard refer
Alex Markle 5, arpsmith refer
arpsmith 1, comment
Brad F 1, comment
Caitlin 1, comment
Caitlin 2, pimp
Cardman99 1, comment
Daniel Wilson 1, comment
Dennis 1, comment
Dennis 2, pimp
Dennis 3, SpastikMooss refer
Dennis 4, Stewart65 refer
Ericabneri 1, comment
Fuji 1, comment
Greg Zakwin 1, comment
Greg Zakwin 2, pimp
Greg Zakwin 3, Richard Nebe Jr refer
hiflew 1, comment
irondequoit36 1, comment
jacobmrley 1, comment
jacobmrley 2, pwe
jacobmrley 3, pwe
jacobmrley 4, pwe
Jafronius 1, comment
Jason 1, comment
JediJeff 1, comment
JediJeff 2, pwe
JediJeff 3, pwe
Jeff (One Man's Junk [Wax]) 1, comment
John Hazen 1, comment
John Miller 1, comment
Josh D 1, comment
Marcus 1, comment
Marcus 2, pwe
Marcus 3, pwe
Marcus 4, pwe
Marcus 5, pwe
Marcus 6, pwe
Marcus 7, pwe
Mark Aubrey 1, comment
Mark Hoyle 1, comment
Mark Hoyle 2, pwe
Mark Hoyle 3, pwe
Mark Hoyle 4, pwe
Mark Hoyle 5, pwe
Mark Hoyle 6, pwe
Mark Hoyle 7, pwe
Matt Perry 1, comment
Matthew Scott 1, comment
Mets Cardboard 1, comment
mr haverkamp 1, comment
Nathan Bell 1, comment
Nathan Bell 2, pwe
Nathan Bell 3, pwe
Nathan Bell 4, pwe
Nathan Bell 5, pwe
Nathan Bell 6, pwe
Nathan Bell 7, pwe
Need More Cardboard 1, comment
Nick 1, comment
night owl 1, comment
Once a Cub 1, pwe
Once a Cub 2, pwe
Patrick S 1, comment
Peomike 1, comment
petethan 1, comment
Play at the Plate 1, comment
Play at the Plate 2, Matt Perry refer
Red Cardboard 1, comment
Richard Nebe Jr 1, comment
Richard Nebe Jr 2, pimp
Richard Nebe Jr 3, Steve F refer
Robert FJ Rutledge 1, comment
Roger 1, comment
Roger 2, pimp
Roger 3, JediJeff refer
Ryan H 1, comment
Scott 1, comment
Shane Kroeker 1, comment
Shane Kroeker 2, pimp
SpastikMooss 1, comment
Stealing Home 1, comment
Steve F. 1, comment
Stewart65 1, comment
Swing And A Pop-up 1, comment
Swing And A Pop-up 2, pimp
Swing And A Pop-up 3, Jafronius refer
The Lost Collector 1, comment
thewritersjourney 1, comment
thewritersjourney 2, pimp
thewritersjourney 3, Patrick S refer
Wilson 1, comment
Wilson 2, pimp

Now, I'm gonna do like my last contest and add another aspect of randomization and excitement, just like I said I would.
The top spot on the randomized list below is NOT the winner.
The winning number is the total number of hits in tonight's (7/4/2014.. Happy 4th of July, by the way!) Dodgers @ Rockies game (in honor of Night Owl and hiflew!)

Here we go! (again #1 is not the winner, so don't get excited just yet.)

So there ya go. Best of luck, everybody! Keep an eye on the Dodgers vs. Rockies boxscore tonight and check back tomorrow (or maybe later tonight) for the winner and see which lot they pick.

And, if like Night Owl and hiflew, your number is no way going to win unless LA and Colorado's bats really explode to historic levels, don't fret, as I've got a quick "second chance" bonus contest already lined up to go for everyone who doesn't win.

Thanks again and good luck.

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