Thursday, July 17, 2014

We've only just beGunt

I've never been a ginter, but I'm slowly beginting to gint. Maybe someday I'll look back in disgunst at the days before I gunt.

I'm on record saying Allen & Ginter just doesn't do it for me. I've bought nary a pack in my life up to this point in linear time, to tell you the truth. Never even picked up any singles I can recall. What few A&G cards I have in my collection were from blind trades, plus one pack that came out of a repack a few months back. But dang it, the 2014 design is pretty suave and managed to reel me in, featured lovingly on so many other blogs in these recent several days (peer pressure? Stockholm Syndrome?), and so I dropped a Jackson on a blaster.

Today I'm just going to post the "keepers" that I plan to hang onto, and then tomorrow I'll post some trade bait for all you ginters out there.

Finally got my first Jose Abreu card! A mini, at that. Also a tiny Bob Gibson and full-size Fisk.  
Some inserts of dudes I like.

More cool old-timers. The Killer is apparently an SP.

I should probably keep a couple current players too.

And I suppose I should hang onto at least 1 or 2 non-baseball cards. These 2 seem ok.
So that's it; my first ginting. A decent sampling, but no big hit or anything. [sigh.] Fun enough product, but I'm still not head-over-heels for it. Maybe next year I'll get a box and join in the Gint-a-Cuffs fun, but still just a spectator for now.

Again, check back in a day or so for the '14 A&G cards that I've got available for trade.


  1. That's a pretty nice looking Clemente even though he doesn't have any arms.
    I feel the same about A&G as you do. Sometimes it's almost as fun watching from the sidelines. Cheaper, too!

  2. I have that same problem: looking at A&G and Archives and saying, "Hm, all the ones I'm most interested in keeping are all retired, maybe I should get a guy or two who's still playing." But really, Fisk, Killebrew, Maddux, Ripken, etc? Those are hard guys to top.

  3. The Gibson is a beautiful, beautiful card.