Friday, July 4, 2014

Congrats, Max!

The final is in in the Dodgers vs Rockies game, and the 2 teams combined for 21 hits (19 of which were thanks to LA). Congrats to Max aka jacobmrley from Starting Nine who was lucky enough to be assigned #21 by It was the 3rd Marquis Grissom UD rookie that won it for him!

Congrats again, Max.. let me know which lot you want. As for everybody else, hang tight and I'll get that 2nd chance contest going very soon.


  1. Marquis Grissom and the Rockies and Dodgers converge on July 4th to win me something sweet. Sounds like the most convoluted thing ever or sheer fate. Either way, I will take it, thanks a million (or 21).

  2. And in a big shocker, I am going with Lot F - the one with a Mets player and two former Mets players.