Friday, September 26, 2014

2006 Upper Deck Ovation hobby box (trade bait!)

Remember recently when my grocery store surprised me by stocking 3 random old hobby boxes for $49.99 each? I went with the 2006 Flair Showcase box, passing on 2006 Upper Deck Ovation and 2008 Bowman Chrome.

I had such a blast busting the Flair box that I went ahead and picked up a box of 2006 Ovation too. But no, I didn't go back to the grocery store for it, instead I actually won one on eBay for $36 shipped. Seems like a pretty good deal, and quenches my curiosity for this other "mystery (to me) set". I don't even know what these cards look like.

Let's break 'er open!

There are a lot of similarities between the packages of 2006 Flair Showcase and 2006 Ovation, with both being black boxes with some red background and Ken Griffey, Jr. swinging. Both are really Upper Deck products, so I guess that explains it somewhat.

First impressions: Wow, these are kinda weird cards! I can't think of the word.. but you know, when parts are raised up? Embossed, I guess. Like, these cards would be great for a blind person because you can "feel" the players and textured background. Kinda like those Action Packed cards from the early 90s. Design-wise, these cards remind me of Bowman, with the obvious unique feature being a huge baseball harvest moon in the background.

First pack packs a Konk. And Padre legend Reggie Sangers.

I'm seeing red with the 2nd pack. Griffey, Pujols, and V-Mart.. nice pack.

The 1st insert of the box, Jose Contreras.

Another insert, this one a Cuban DH who never played US ball, Yoandy Garlobo.

A few big fan favorites in this pack.

Jeter. I wonder what he's up to these days? Anybody hear anything about him lately? lol

This pack boasts the only serial numbered cards in the box, oddly: Vernon Wells (201/499) and forgotten Padre prospect Ben Johnson (730/999).

A few big names and an insert.

Some more popular guys and a Big Papi insert.

There's a PC hit for me in the Giles.

Love Derrek Lee. I call him Crime Pup because he reminds me of McGriff in many ways.

Highlights here are Pedro and Peavy, another PC guy for me.

Here's a non-numbered V. Wells, plus a couple Teixeiras and a Wright.

Some decent guys here, with Thome rising to the top.
Here's the only auto of the box, former All-Star Jose Contreras. Could be worse, but definitely not the best name to pull. It's "cut auto" style, which is slightly better than a sticker, but still well below on-card. Sucks to cut off the top of the signature like that. The jersey number inscription is a nice touch. When this set came out, he was coming off the finest year of his career, helping lead the White Sox to their first World Series Championship in decades. And now I've got his autograph!
I like the Miguel Cabrera card a lot.

Second-to-last pack. Nothing too exciting.

The last pack is kinda funny: 3 duplicates from earlier in the box (I looked it up and the base set is only 84 freakin' cards!) plus the hit of the box, a Jeter relic. I had to throw that puppy in a penny sleeve ASAP. At first glance, it's a boring plain grey swatch.. but let's take a closer look...

Look at the glorious stitch through the width of that piece of fabric! I like it. That takes it from being a $5 card to instead a $9 card, in my estimation. But maybe that's just me.
So there you go, $36. That was fun. But glad I didn't pay $49.99. Now is the time to strike with unloading Jeter cards, but I think I'll hang onto it since I have really no good Jeter cards besides a UD Prospects rookie. I also like the Griffey and the Miggy. And the Giles and the Peavy. And Vlad and Ortiz. Maybe the Smoltz, Reggie, and Pujols. And Braves are set aside for Johnny, Red Sox to Hoyle, and Brewers to Tony L. But otherwise, these are up for trade, so just let me know if you're interested in anything. Thanks!


  1. Any of those White Sox available? Including that auto??

    1. Sure thing. I've got a bunch of Pale Hose haunting my tradebox I'd be happy to dump on you, too.

  2. Nice hit (especially the Captain relic).
    If you're trading the A-Rod and Ichiro I'll be happy to claim them.

  3. Is the Damon up for grabs? I might have some stuff to give you for it.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep, I'll be sending you a few more cards soon.

  5. If you're interested in dealing a Bay, the Casey, and possibly Reggie Sanders, drop me a line.

  6. Nice pull with the Jeets relic! Nicely done.

  7. I would be happy to claim those Mets cards. I should be able to find some cards from want list to offer you.