Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Couple Sexy Signatures

Here are a couple sexy autograph cards I've picked up recently.

Good ol' Spencer Scott! You couple of loyal readers out there may remember Spencer here as a Breakdown girlie card favorite, first appearing on the epic 12 Days of Christmas Cards countdown last December. I stumbled upon her back then just because she had a 12/25 card that was on eBay when I happened to be looking. This one seems to be a more-recent card/photo. Hmm.. her lips look different than I remember. Honestly, I'm not a fan of artificially inflated lips. Give me the slim lips of somebody like Emma Watson over Angelina Jolie anyday of the week. Regardless, I'm still sort of a serendipitous Spencer Scott supercollector.. in that I've got 3 or 4 autographed cards from her. This particular one was a drunk "only 99 cents opening bid? sure! [burp]" instance. I was actually searching for Shane Spencer autos at the time.

A fun thing I noticed about this card is it appears the seller inadvertently had an eyelash slip into the protective team bag (look above the "TT" in Scott). But I happen to know the seller was a dude, so this is not as sexy as if the seller happened to be a pretty lady. That got me thinking that girlie card manufacturers should come out with "relic" cards featuring eyelashes of pretty girls. I'm not saying I'd chase after them, but you know some guys would. Yeah, ok, maybe I'd throw in a low bid on one if it was a pretty lady who struck my fancy. They actually have lipstick cards out there where a lady will slap on some lipstick and then kiss a card. I don't own any such card, nor am I inspired to shell out for one, but never say never.

I don't own this card; just showing it as an example.
So the creepy question is: would you rather have a lipstick kiss card, or an eyelash relic card?

EDIT: RAZ pointed out in the comments that there are in fact Bench Warmer "relic" cards with hair. Wow.

I don't own this one either.

Ok, I promised you "a couple" sexy autos, so here's the second:

LOL, I got you! It's not really sexy at all! It's one of baseball's all-time bad-ass dorks, Kent Tekulve. I've recently come into an hearty appreciation of the gangly, bespectacled reliever, and was happy to pick up this auto for my We Are Fam-i-ly pseudocollection. I believe this is my first-ever "buy back" auto, which simply means the card company is lazy and doesn't bother to make a new card for the guy to sign, rather has him sign an old card, then they often handnumber it and/or slap a foil stamp or hologram sticker on it somewhere, and insert it into new product. Hey, it's an on-card certified auto, so I'm cool with it. This one came in a plastic case with "SECURE" stickers on the top and bottom for whatever reason.

Stay sexy, everybody.


  1. The Tekulve auto isn't exactly sexy, but it certainly is bad-ass. Great card!

  2. Bench Warmer actually already has hair relic cards, with a few strands of the model's hair encased in a little window in the card.

    The Tekulve card is pretty darn cool.

    1. Oh god, you're right! I should've known.

    2. I try to be helpful. If I were able to market myself a little better I could probably make a living at web searching for people who don't know how to internet. The people at my office always defer to me when it comes to the Google.