Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trout refraction

Here's that shimmering Mike Trout you've all been clamoring for!

Nah, actually this is just a little filler post while I'm still out of town.

I got this card for free, remember? It's a beauty. And a good photo choice makes it so you don't think too much about the missing trademarked material. However, I think they should have said "Los Angeles of Anaheim Baseball Club" instead of just "Los Angeles Baseball Club" because I'm difficult like that. They really need to do something to distinguish cities with 2 teams.

Anyways. I'm exhausted from a big weekend in Louisville with the extended family. Looking forward to being back home tomorrow. Oh, and my cousin in Chicago got out of prison! He wasn't here this weekend, but we found out he just recently got released after 6 years. He's a good guy who just apparently had a bad lapse in judgement. Love you, Eddie!


  1. My mom grew up in Louisville. I spent a lot of childhood summers near Churchill Downs.

  2. Sweet. How were you able to post that picture showing the reflection like that?

    1. Thanks a lot. It's an animated gif made by throwing together a few different pictures of the card.

  3. Love the shimmerin', glimmering' goodness!

  4. Considering the Angels play in Anaheim, L.A. still only has one team. ;)

  5. I'm with Greg and you both -- Panini should call the Angels the "Anaheim Baseball Club". Along this same line, the Yankees now become "Bronx Baseball Club", the Mets are "Flushing Baseball Club", and the White Sox are "Cabrini Green Baseball Club."

  6. Cabrini Green Baseball Club... man that's rough.
    Love the Trout! Nice job as usual!

  7. I love how you make the refractors shimmer :)