Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bip-olar Disorder (refraction action)

It's been fun beefing up my Bip Roberts collection over the past few months.

Check out this 1993 Topps Finest refractor I picked up the other day..

This is my first one of these things. I've heard these are pretty much the first refractors known to man, and though not numbered, have a print run of just 241, which is very tiny by 1993 standards.


  1. That is Bip-utiful, man. (am I doing this right?)

  2. Look at my page Bip is the King of Leon to see even more Bips

    1. Oh trust me, I've seen it! I'd love to build up my Bip collection to a level similar to that.. but that's going to be a steep mountain to climb!

  3. WTH am I even looking at?!

    This is one of the more Fear and Loathing of baseball card collecting posts I've seen in a while.

    Bravo on the card and the seizure-inducing post!

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  5. People collect Bip Roberts?

    Cool gif btw. I added you to ma blogroll: