Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roberto Clemente collection

September is Clemente-mber here at Baseball Card Breakdown!

Roberto Clemente is one of my all-time favorite ballplayers, and I'm not alone on that. Heck of a man, both on and off the field. An inspiration and hero to pure-hearted boys, girls, men, and women everywhere.

Continuing my ongoing project of posting my main PCs, here are the Roberto Clemente cards I own. I'll link this on my wantlist so prospective traders can have an idea of what I have/need.

Here's a photo of the latest additions to my collection, splurging for a few vintage cards this past week. (Honestly, it was while drafting up this post that I realized I don't have nearly enough vintage Clementes and had to rectify that):

Not in the best shape, but I'm still happy to have 'em!

Here are the other vintage Clementes I already had:

Modern stuff:

That's all I got as of September 2o14.

I'm up for trading for any others that aren't listed here, preferably vintage, though it's always cool getting a modern Clemente card thrown in with a trade package, too.

Notable needs:
1955 Topps (RC)
1956 Topps
1957 Topps
1958 Topps
1959 Topps
1962 Topps
1963 Topps
1964 Topps
1965 Topps

I'm pretty amazed I only need 9 more cards to have Roberto Clemente's base flagship Topps run! Never thought I'd see the day I was anywhere near that. Just to pick up his 1973 Topps card a few years back was pretty special. In fact, I think that was the pickup that woke me up from my extended collecting hiatus.


  1. If I ever dive into the world of vintage (I have a little bit) Clemente is the one I want to go after. I have some modern stuff, but I would like to get some of the older stuff.

  2. Great cards. I have the '66 Clemente with a coffee stain on it that is one of my collection's prized possessions.
    Did he really go by "Bob" in his younger days. Bob Clemente. I just doesn't sound right to me.

    1. Yeah, I think it was Americanization by the media and Topps went with it, with Roberto not fighting it too much, but not totally onboard. But yeah, "Bob Clemente" does seem very wrong.