Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just call me the Prince of Reprints (archiving 2001 Archives)

Finally got my 2001 Topps Archives haves straightened out into a spreadsheet. It was a pain because this set is notorious for tiny, hard-to-read numbering on the back. But I guess they wanted to keep the cards looking somewhat true to the originals, so they kept the additional text to a microscopic minimum.

You might recall I got the starter lot of 2001 Archives from the Underdog Card Collector a few weeks ago. That also spurred me onto an eBay lot of the set's fancy little sister, 2001 Archives Reserve.

I'm more focused on this latter set now because, well, refractors are purdy, and plus it's only 100 cards, so the end is within sight (43 cards still needed). Regular 2001 Archives, on the other hand, still a whooping 358 cards left to go.

I really want to try to avoid the autos from either set however, since that would be a costly hole to go down.

But yeah, I've got my wantlist up now for 2001 Topps Archives Series One, Two, and Reserve. Check it out here and please let me know if you've got some cards I need and are interested in trading. Thanks!

2001 Topps Archives
20.44% complete

2001 Topps Archives Reserve
57% complete

as of 9/17/2014


  1. Whenever I get back to my house with some time on my hands, I will pull out some of those needs

  2. Great looking set. Off to COMC to find a Puckett for my collection.

  3. I don't have anything on your want list but I am interested I'm your Red Sox doubles

  4. 2001 and 2002 Archives Reserve are easily my favorite Topps Reprint sets of all time.