Saturday, September 20, 2014

all the way to the mailbox

I've traded with Marcus from all the way to the backstop a few times now. He hit a bunch of guys I collect among the cards in his recent package. Let's check it out!

Love Cashner, love sparkly cards, and so this is a winning combination for me.
Andrew's going for his 20th win tonight. No, I'm just kidding. He only has 4 wins on the year. Four. F'ing A. Let's hope he at least gets his 5th win. He's pitched great, but was injured for a while, and doesn't get much run support when he's healthy. Otherwise, he'd be a 20-game winner for sure.

A nice selection of Adrians.

Here're some current studs.

Some big names from the past. The Yaz is a 60 Years of Topps insert.

A trio of nifty horizontal cards from 2013. Chris Sale is a guy I just sorta started collecting because I've passively accumulated a bunch of his cards. And he's pretty good. Plus I think his "word of the start" thing for interviews is kinda awesome.

Here's a page of Padres not pictured as Padres. But in their heart, they are Padres. Love the Mark Langston RC especially.

Finally, a couple Pads in the Hall. No clue where that Rickey is from, but seems to be some sort of cutout from 1994.

Great cards. Thanks for the trade, Marcus!


  1. Looks like a great trade! That Breakout Hitters card is awesome!

  2. that Rickey oddball looks like one of the old topps football sets, cool.

  3. Glad you liked 'em! I saw that Cashner on eBay for $3 and snatched it up, only to find that I already had it! Just when you think you know your collection.
    Thanks for the "Word of the Start" link, that is pretty awesome.