Monday, March 9, 2020

Vacation Hold Mailday

Here's a post with cards that were bundled in my "vacation hold" mail waiting for me when I got back from my recent Hawaiian vacation.

First up is a great package from Fuji, starting off with a bunch of Gavins.

A pair of relics of guys I collect.

When somebody of Fuji's stature sends me cards that upon first glance don't seem to fit into my collection, that's cause for excitement and I quickly flip them over to reveal...

Christmas Cards!! Happy to find a place in my 12/25 collection for notable athletes Joe Dumars, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, and Marvin Harrison.

And these are super awesome too. I think that Matt Leinart might be the first Christmas Eve Card I've ever received from a cardsphere buddy. Very cool.

Thanks, Fuji! Much appreciated. I will continue keeping an eye out for cards that would be a hit with you.

-          -  - --o

My 1st 1/1 of Casey Craig, a Guy From Granite who never made the Bigs, but got a card in 2006 Bowman and Bowman Chrome. Scored this on eBay with the shipping cost being more than the winning bid. Too bad I wasn't collecting back in 2006, as I probably missed out on most of the low numbered parallels for this card including the other plates and his only superfractor (wonder where that is now, and if I'll ever see it pop up for sale), but I suppose the downside of that is they were likely more expensive back then when he was still an active prospect. (Hey, in 2006 he hit 14 homers and swiped 18 bases. Speed and power!)

-   -  - ---o

This wasn't a part of my vacation mailday, but I recently bought a blaster of 2020 Heritage. It wasn't interesting enough to get a full post out of it, so I'll just sneak this one photo of the highlights into this post. Nothing special. A few guys I collect. Available for trade are SPs of Christian Walker and David Dahl (as well as the other base not shown-- let me know if you're working on this set and I'll see if I can help you out with a trade). I like the photos on the Conforto and Sanchez paying homage to 1971 Topps, but overall not a great use of my $20.

-  - ---o

I really love all those old Kellogg's baseball sets and plan to get serious about working on them someday. But for now I'm cool stockpiling all I can. Jon at Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts had a few up for a freebie friday, and there were a couple still available to be claimed by the time I got there. Thrilled to snag Stretch and Louisiana Lightning here.

Jon also sent me a needed insert for the 1991 MusiCards master set I'm working on. And in fact the other packages in my vacation hold mailday contained more cards toward that goal. As this post comes to a close, I'd encourage you to hop over to the MusiCards Blog to check out all that stuff if you've got any interest.

Click here for that post. We also talk about The Who and take a look at a few rare MusiCards promos and venture down a rabbithole of mid-80s Slurpee discs.

Thanks for reading!


  1. How awesome. Get back from a relaxing vacation and have cards waiting for you!? Nice haul.

  2. We all square in regards to cards homie. But maybe one of these days you can give me a tour of your local card show ;)

  3. I can help knock out the Kelloggs set like the Guidry. I know a dealer who has a ton of cheap singles.

    I'm up for trading for Heritage inserts and the SPs. (And your extra 7-11 hard rock band discs).

  4. I'd be curious to know how many 12/25 cards you have now?