Saturday, June 20, 2020

Incomin' cardboard to welcome the summer

Happy Summer Solstice.. the longest day of the year. I'll take some of that elongated time to get caught up thanking the kind folks who've mailed me cards in the past week or two.

This wonderful quartet of loved vintage stars leads off a trade with reader Michael Y. down the road from me in Ashland, OR. Been wanting a Sparky Anderson rookie for a long time, and the other 3 are pretty damn cool too!

Some big names for my 1974 Topps setbuild!

More sweet 70s needs/upgrades.

And a pair of nice cards on the modern side, with a Didi RC auto and a Thome Sportscasters numbered out of 30 copies.. love those things!

Thanks for the great first trade, Michael! Here's to many more in the future.

-    -  -- ---o

File this one under "random acts of kindness" as TCDB user "Shawn's Doubles" proposed a "trade" offering to send me this Ghostbusters 2 card from my wantlist for free. Hells yeah, brother!

Shawn seemed relieved to get it out of his house. I hope the card isn't... haunted?!

I've still got a dozen more needs to finish this one off, so please check out my wantlist if you've got some of these lying around.

-     -    - -  - ---0

Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life surprised me with a fat PWE. Love adding more Black Gold cards I need.

Larry Walker in the house.

Some dudes I enjoyed watching when they played for San Diego.

Great stuff!

Thank you, Bo! I need to pack up a return to you soon.

-    - - ---o

Alex from Chavez Ravining started a "trade stack" on this blog, and I ended up claiming the first one on the strength of this lot of gold Ginters. I figured I collect most of these guys (just not Pettitte or Sosa), so it was good bang for my buck.

And if the gold Ginters wasn't enough, these cards were already on the trade stack. Most of these will find a home in my collection, so right on!

We each boosted up our sides with additional cards and Alex hooked me up with some awesome stuff. The Jose Ramirez is a cloth parallel.

Thanks, Alex! Hopefully the cards I sent have arrived safe (if not, let me know, because it's been a week or so.)

- --- - -o

Last package (oops, I mean "huge PWE"!) to show off today comes from Nick at the Dime Boxes Blog. I called dibs on this clear Beltre from one of Nick's free-card events.

Along for the ride were a few other cards he had set aside for me, hitting me back for the few cards I sent him last time. Here we've got a pair of OPC cards of guys I collect, plus a nice lot of Hoyts.

That's a strong mix of Padres.

Closing out with an impressive pair of vintage oddballs of Padres legends. Is that Jerry Coleman a real 1952 Berk Ross Hit Parade of Champions card?! Wow, that might be the nicest card I've gotten in a blind trade in quite a while! And I love the '77 cloth Winfield a lot, too. I should note that it's the "One Star at Back Bottom" variation, which seems to be more scarce than the "Two Star" version. So that's pretty cool.

Thanks as always, Nick! Always look forward to getting cards from you. My collection is greater for having known you!

Thanks again to everybody who sent me cards, and thanks to you for reading. Have a great summer


  1. Wow! Great bunch of vintage stars, and nice variety on the rest from some great traders.

  2. Very cool cards. I have not even seen the set that Coleman is from. I love the sepia Henderson too.

  3. Love the Minoso and the Rod Beck boxing gloves.

  4. The 1977 Topps Cloth set is another great example of an affordable 70's oddball issue. And that Berk Ross Coleman is sweet too.

  5. 1977 Cloth set is definitely legit. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I did a tiny bit of research into that Coleman before sending it your way, and best I can tell, it seems real to me. Oddly enough, I can't say with certainty how I got it. I *think* it came from a quarter box at a card show earlier this year (if you can believe it!), and I came across it again as I was going through your trade stack to find stuff to send along with the Beltre. Glad you liked the PWE!

    (Also, I had no clue there were '77 Topps Sticker variations.)

  7. Great group of cards here, Gavin! Glad you enjoyed the "extras" I tossed in.

  8. yowza, that Berk Ross looks sharp!