Thursday, October 15, 2020

Evacuation Keepers

Earlier in September when wildfires were ravaging Oregon, I was getting pretty nervous and figured I should round up some important stuff to have handy just in case the flames made their way into my neighborhood. I didn't waste time packing boring stuff like legal documents, food, or clothing, but rather just focused on my card collection. LOL. Well, I did grab a couple external hard drives that have a lot of stuff backed up on them like family photos and the custom cards I've made over the years and my music collection, but yeah mostly I just took a quick look around my card room and made a lot of snap decisions as to what was must-save if I was forced to evacuate.. and what I was sorrowfully willing to leave behind if it came down to it.

But now it looks like we'll be ok. Before I go putting everything back into its place in my collection, I figure a recap of these selections would make for an interesting post.

I filled up 2 reusable grocery bags full of cards that I had ready to grab and throw in the car in a moment's notice. One was just all my Topps Retired refractor autos. Those are "my babies" and I'm not even joking when I tell you I would save them before I saved my dog. (My departed sweetie pie Annie, no, but my current fuckface Ruby, yes.)

I didn't grab all of my ¾-setbuild of 1957 Topps.. at least not the "commons".. but I did get the "big cards" from it.

Some highlights of my Tatis PC made the cut.

More heavy-hitting favorites of my collection that would've hurt to leave behind.

Some of my all-time best pulls plus a Yaz rookie.

Had to grab my Sandlot collection.. that Archives autograph set was tough to put together, but honestly it's the personally-signed customs from the Bambino and Karen Allen that wouldn't let me consider leaving this lot behind.

Well, that's all I'm up for today, but I think I've got enough left for a "Part 2" post to cover another day.

Update (a couple weeks later): no part 2.. But here's a little more..

A few more highlights of my collection.
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  1. I did that a number of years ago when there was a fast moving prairie fire in my area. I had everything stacked and ready to toss in to the back of my Tahoe.

  2. Preparedness! I can't imagine how frightening it must be to have fires raging in your direction. Sorry to here about the little FF Ruby. What has she done?

  3. Scary you had to do that, but smart.

    Not in the same way, but I recently put the cards I consider to be my best into "the box" and showed my wife which box to look for if something ever happened to me. That's the one she should keep. The other stuff....get rid of it (except sorry for having to deal with it).

  4. I am thankful that, I haven't had to attempt to do anything like that. Florida has fires, but they are always quickly contained for the most part. There are lots of severe storms that aren't "containable". This is always a big concern for me. There is no way I could pack up my baseball card collection and take it with me. Literally, it would take a U-haul. It is just not a possibility, and thus I have to accept they would be lost. But, if I were one of those billionaire's I would be living in a waterproof, fireproof, windproof home. LOL.

  5. Looks like all keepers and glad to hear you are looking to be safe now

  6. A fascinating look into what cards you hold dear. Hopefully you'll never have to do that again!

    1. Just what I was going to say, except you said it better!

  7. Two Scully autographs and two Trouts? Life is good. Glad things turned out to be okay.

  8. That is an amazing group of cards! I gave a little thought to preserving my collections when the smoke was pouring through town too.