Saturday, January 9, 2021

Just some more 2003 Topps Retired autos

Not a lot of words in today's post.

R.I.P. Tommy Lasorda. :( 

This was one of my favorite pickups of last year.

Tony Oliva is my latest 2003 Retired addition.

Alt photo. Refraction overload!

Great ballplayer when healthy.

Jose Cruz, Sr. looking good in a sunbeam.

Impressive career.

Greg "The Bull" Luzinski.

Twice runner-up for NL MVP: 1975 (to Joe Morgan) and 1977 (to George Foster).

Last one for today, Darrell Evans.

The Bill James Handbook 2019 rates Darrell Evans 7th on his list of "The 25 Best Players Who Are Not in the Hall of Fame."

Thanks for reading.


  1. Looked for you at the show today, but didn’t see you around. Hope to run into you next month?

    1. I still haven't ventured back to the monthly card show. Doubt I'll be comfortable returning until covid numbers start looking better. How was the show?

    2. totally understand, this was the second show i've attended since the world changed. the show was good, they reorganized the tables against the walls which provides so much more space for everyone. some new faces at the tables and lots of "ballers" now. saw a kid (twenty-something) with a ziplock bag filled with a stack of cash...different world right now all around.

  2. I love those refractors every time you show them! Sad news about Lasorda too.

  3. These are so cool. I hope I can see one in person sometime.

  4. Nice additions to your collection! Nice, simple, solid design, too.

  5. Love these cards. The design is one of my favorites. I'd be happy just to own the non-refractive base set. It's impossible.

  6. The refractors are so gorgeous. Excellent decision to start building this set.

  7. Love this set. Great looking cards, especially that Lasorda. I know manager cards aren't sexy, but there are some really good ones in this set.