Thursday, September 16, 2021

An Orel Quicky

It's Orel Hershiser's 63rd birthday today, and that's good enough motivation to get around to showing off the 2004 Topps Retired refractor I picked up recently.

Not a lot of free time today, so I just took a bunch of photos and hoped that one turned out good enough for the post. None of them did, so here are a bunch of bad ones instead...

Some pretty good seasons there. Not a Hall of Famer, but he doesn't have all that many certified autos on the market and Dodgers fans understandably love the guy, so his autos usually command "HOF" prices. This was the first '04 Retired refractor I've seen of his pop up for sale, and I wasn't about to let it get away.

It essentially upgrades me from the base auto I had of this card, which is now expendable. So any Dodgers fans reading, feel free to tempt me with a trade offer for that one. Otherwise, it'll be added to my stack of "high-value trade bait" / "cards to get around to selling someday".

Happy Birthday, Bulldog!


  1. I really hope Topps includes him in one of the Archives Fan Favorites autograph sets before they pass the torch to Fanatics.

  2. I absolutely suck at taking pictures of shiny cards, so to me a lot of these don't look so bad.

    1. The main thing is the case has a lot of minor scuffing that I should have buffed out first. but oh well, lol